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Introducing ZMARTBUILD, we are the leading Gypsum Board, Plaster Board, Fiber Cement Board, Thermal and Acoustic Insulation Manufacturer from Thailand. We also provide a full range of extensive solutions like Wall & Ceiling , Roofing , Insulation, Floor, Plastering and other building materials delivered by well trained installers which will address and solve the major pain points facing construction markets like speed, quality, and application.

This transformation will save your project cost, construction time, and energy consumption , all in an eco-friendly manner. ZMARTBUILD is promoted by SCG , a leading manufacturing conglomerate in Thailand and South East Asia.

Come , let’s partner to help play our part in building a better & smarter future for your projects. Take the first step today , Contact ZMARTBUILD experts for smarter building solutions and let’s modernize your project together . ZMARTBUILD - Passion for Better!

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Wall Solution

Wall Panel • Drywall • Decorative Wall

New standard wall for project developers, contractors and architects deliver high quality and superior performance.

house plan floor plan

Ceiling Solution

Good Performace • Premium Quality • Best Service

Helping project developers, contractors and architects deliver high quality and innovative designs ceiling.

Metal framing rafter building software
Cotto Beautiful Bathroom

Bathroom Solution

Toilets • Faucets • Basins • Showers

COTTO offers bathroom ideas of different styles and designs, which can serve as an inspiration for your own happy bathroom. Visit our showrooms to search for the right design and decoration ideas that reflect the real you. Let’s decorate the bathroom of your desire.

Cotto Bathroom Solution

Best in class materials for you

Fiber Cement Board

with FIRM and FLEX Technology


Gypsum Board

For strong & smooth walls and ceilings

Elephant Gypsum Board Manufacturer

Decorative Board

Outstanding and reflect your style

Decorative Wall Board Manufacturers


Let's keeps buildings properly insulated

SCG Thermal Insulation

Cement/ Plastering

Try No.1 Cement & Plaster from Thailand

OEM Customize Gypsum Plaster


Ceramic • Concrete • Fiber Cement

SCG Roof


Wood Substitute • Vinyl tiles • SPC

Vinyl Flooring


Metal Works For Your Decoration

Expanded Metal Sheet Manufacturer

Developer/Distributor Zone

Whatsapp +6681-848-0870

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With premium quality product and higher service standard.


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Nowadays, rapid urbanization is driving exponential expansion of infrastructure and buildings , both residential & commercial . Architects, engineers, and construction companies need to be ready for radical change . However, given the scale and challenges , relying on old techniques is not a solution — the building industry needs a new operating paradigm . Existing technology and materials available need to be upgraded to world class levels.

ZMARTBUILD is provide you a world class building solution and building materials like ZMARTBUILD Wall Panel, ZMARTBUILD Ceiling system, Fiber Cement Board, Gypsum Board (Plaster Board), Wood Substitute, Thermal and Acoustic Insulation, Roof, Plastering and much more to help you build your project more efficiency and perfectly.

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ZMARTBUILD is promoted by SCG , a leading manufacturing conglomerate in Thailand and South East Asia.

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Our solutions such as Fiber Cement Board, Gypsum Board (Plaster Board), Thermal & Acoustic Insulation and Decorative Board provide new level for premium quality specifications in High-rise residential, low-rise building, office, hotel, hospital and other commercial projects. We also help the projects to speed up installation time and delivery quality construction job to their clients.

Trusted Gypsum Board Manufacturer from Thailand

Trusted Supply Partner

ZMARTBUILD is a unit of Siam Cement Group (SCG) who is a leadership company in the building materials sector and runs the business with world-class team over 106 years. We are passion to sustain relationship with customer who works with us.

Gypsum Drywall

Pro - Technical Support

Our technical support teams are standby to help customers about any of our products and systems issues. For larger projects, we can provide you a design support from the beginning stage then follow by on-site technical support during the installation stage.

Building Structure Drawing Service

Project Planning Support

For a medium to large projects, we are proudly to support you from the beginning until after installation stage. We are willing to finding ways to improve your projects performance, reduce construction cost and decrease installation time.

Gypsum Drywall

Training on site* (Project)

ZMARTBUILD's project customers have privilege to obtain training on site to help your installers do the right practice and show off the best performance on our ZMARTBUILD products. At the result, you can deliver the perfect finish job to your clients.

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