Bathroom Designs with variety of styles to match your home

12 latest Bathroom Designs with variety of styles to match your home


Today our ZMARTBUILD will present Bathroom Designs with variety of styles to match your home  in order to be the idea or to be the inspiration for those people who want to change or replace or renovate the old bathroom at home. We have 12 Bathrooms with different styles and varieties for you to choose. 


Bathroom styles with variety of styles to match your home


One of the Bathroom Designs with variety of styles to match your home for those couples who would like to give the warmth and gentleness to each other  is to use the tile patterns with the combination of 8 ”x 24” beige tone wall tiles and wood grain floor tiles to gain more attention.

We can add some styles to the bathroom by having a partition installed in the bathroom in order to divide the zone between the dry zone and the wet zone. This is another bathroom idea for the couples who always give sweetness and warm feeling to each other.




Bathroom ideas with variety of styles to match your home


Another style of the Bathroom Designs with variety of styles to match your home which gives the feeling as if you were in the English style  garden. The Bathroom will be decorated with the white marble pattern tiles to be combined with the brick pattern which is perfectly compatible.

This style of the bathroom design will give the simple and elegant feeling but looks clean and comfortable to see in the ambience of the English Garden style Bathroom.



Bathroom ideas with variety of styles to match your home


This Bathroom Designs with variety of styles to match your home that gives a sense of elegance but not too much and also creates the graphic patterns with a unique style according to the Urban Glam bathroom style. The white bathroom style which combines the unique graphic patterns for you creates the beautiful bathroom uniquely.



Bathroom Designs with variety of styles to match you

The Minimal style bathroom idea that offers the warm feeling for everyone in the family with the simple bathroom decoration but it is hidden with the warmth and the care feeling. The Bathroom floor will be divided into the wet zone and the dry zone and the wall will be decorated with the clean looking white tone ceramic tiles.


bathroom ideas for you

The idea of ​​the Celadon Series Bathroom brings the uniqueness of the beauty of Celadon pottery to be the inspiration to decorate the bathroom in order to differentiate the bathroom from the traditional style of the general bathroom.

The Celadon Series Bathroom will give the ambience of the Neo Antique bathroom style, and also will give a retro feeling but warmth. The Neo Antique Bathroom is the combination of the tiles between the blue and the white tones tiles which is perfectly combined which becomes the beautiful and gentle bathroom.


bathroom styles for you

This Bathroom style gives a natural ambience in the Modern Minimal style which combines the modern graphic patterns, which creates the bathroom which is close to the nature in the urban style.

The bathroom is clearly separated and divided into 2 parts between the usable zone and the shower zone with a selection of tiles between the two zones in the cream tone and the light purple tone which are perfectly matched with the bathroom to escape the hustle and the bustle of the city.


bathroom designs to match your house

The Modern luxury style bathroom in the dark color tone for the people who live in the big city and would like to have the different style of relaxation. The bathroom style that indicates the freedom of thought in the muscular way like you. It is the combination between the dark tone tiles like the black and the dark blue tones which can get along perfectly with the bathroom and the light brown tiles in order to brighten the bathroom.


bathroom decorations for you

This is the good example of the bathroom which  will help recharge your energy every day with natural charm of the patterned stone tiles and the light tone tiles  in order to make the ambience of the bathroom clear and airy as if you were on the top of the mountain. The bathroom is decorated with the dark brown table in front of the mirror to keep it natural and perfectly matched with the stone pattern tiles, suitable for the natural bathroom style for those people who love natural atmosphere like you.  In this bathroom there are  both tiles and mosaics which can be used to decorate the walls more attractively.


bathrooms types for you

This Bathroom idea in the style of the Elegant Yellow tone which dignifies like a charming young woman is another good example of the bathroom which is full of charm and power.  The bathroom will be decorated in the yellow tone that gives the elegance look to indicate the freedom of the decorating ideas between the 3 colors of black, yellow and white, which reflects the elegance of a woman.


bathrooms patterns for your home

The Bathroom design that connects the nature around you with the lines of oak wood design with the addition of the touch of sweetness to the bathroom with the pastel tones. This bathroom will become the sweet-looking bathroom which is combined with the warmth and the softness from the color and the texture of the oak which is transferred to the tiles used to decorate the floor and the wall which is suitable for the bathroom in the natural style for the sweet style woman like you.


bathrooms for you

This Bathroom layout which emphasizes the indigo blue tones by using the gradation effects and the uniquely different lines of the design creates the atmosphere of the stylish bathroom with the art, and the bathroom is decorated in the Indigo Series style in the way to free your idea which is transferred through the private space like the bathroom. Let the bathroom tell the story in your own personal style.


kitty bathroom design for your home

This is the bathroom for girls which is decorated with the happiness that is full of sweetness and loveliness through a travelling story with the imagination of a cute cartoon character, Hello Kitty, a cartoon character in the hearts of many people.

And those are the 12 newest bathroom designs from our ZMARTBUILD.

We do hope that these designs will give the inspiration and the bathroom ideas for those people who are going to decorate or renovate the bathroom.

Everyone can own the beautiful bathroom as they wish. You can consult with our ZMARTBUILD, which provides the services to everyone via online channel today.