Bathroom for Landlords of the Rental Properties

The Bathroom Renovation for the Landlords of the Rental Properties


“Bathroom for Landlords of the Rental Properties is the one major problems


There is no bigger enemy to a landlord than a vacancy.  Being the landlords of the rental properties is not easy. A lot of complaints will be obtained from the tenants. The rental properties should be comfortable, attractive and functional to appeal to the prospective tenants. Every day the landlords will face a lot of problems for example, Bathroom for Landlords of the Rental Properties is the one major problems.  The landlords have to make sure that the rental properties still can be used by the tenants without any problems. The ideal for the landlords of the rental properties is that no complaints obtained from the tenants at all.

One of the complaints from the tenants is the problem of the use of the bathroom and this is your big challenge to keep your bathroom maintained and cleaned. The maintenance of the bathroom for your rental properties needs the long term plan.


bathroom for rental properties


How important is the Bathroom?

Some people believe that the bathroom is just a private place for them to use and after having finished using the bathroom, then they will leave the bathroom and go. However, in fact, many people believe that the bathroom is more than the bathroom.

The condition of the bathroom will reflect the care and the attention of the landlords of the rental propertiess.

Although you will not receive any complaints from the tenants, it does not mean that all the tenants are satisfied with the bathrooms of the rental properties.


bathroom renovation


Set up the important areas of the bathroom

The landlords of the rental properties are always astonished at how important of the bathroom. The awareness of the importance of the bathroom is the first step which is good to know. The next step is that the searching of the areas which needs the improvement and requires to be fixed in order to lift up the standard of your rental properties.  This is the story which is always found when we deal and work with the customers.

  • Meet the tenant’s expectation

If your bathroom is not always kept clean and maintained, the impression will not occur and it might reflect the overall impression of the quality of the rental properties.

The bathroom can create and destroy the opportunity because it refers to the type of the management of the rental properties. The poor bathroom can indicate any other defects of the rental properties in the building management which is not disclosed yet.

  • Time Management

With the time constraints and many burdens which must be completed daily, the landlords of the rental properties will focus more on solving of the urgent problems rather than planning in the long run with the reactive problem solving rather than the proactive problem solving.


Bathroom for Landlords


  • Cleaning and Maintenance

To increase the satisfaction to the tenant of the rental properties can be done easily with your bathroom.

Do you believe or not? Your bathroom can destroy the good feeling of the tenants towards the landlords of the  rental properties. Therefore you should give the first priority to every single bathroom in your rental properties because the tenants are the important customers for you. It is unfortunate that the problem of the bathroom is considered to be one of the three frequent complaints from the tenants.

One of the tenants in the rental properties in USA said that “I always evaluate each commercial building by checking how well the landlords keep the bathroom clean and maintained”. “If the bathrooms of the rental properties are NOT always in a good condition for the whole day, I will jump to conclusions that the management of the building is NOT good and satisfactory and I always give a call to complain to the management of the building.”


smell bathroom


How can the odor or the smell tell you?

One of the research found that the users always define that the clean bathroom must be sanitized and tidy and health friendly, good and fresh odors with the good condition of the overall bathroom. Maintenance and cleaning of the things in the bathroom which can be seen by your eyes are easier once being compared with the unwanted odor which must be solved by the landlords of the rental properties.

Your sense of smell often tells you things that other senses can’t. In Fact, when your nose is exposed to an unpleasant smell. It gives a warning to the brain of the possibility of having harm such as toxic food or potentially harmful chemicals. The smell in the bathroom reminds us of hygiene disabilities and the possibility of being exposed to the germs that cause diseases.

These are the tips how to keep your bathroom cleaned and maintained and the tips how to make your bathroom have the good smell in order to increase the satisfaction of the tenants as well as to maintain or to increase the booking rates of your rental properties.


bathroom for rental owner


Get Rid of the root of the odor or the smell

Set up the overall cleaning schedule in details. You can have someone keep the bathroom cleaned and maintained by using the chemical with the 20% hydrochloric acid which is the total cleaning solution in removing tough stains and gets rid of the bad smell and has the cleaning power in removing stains, bacteria-free, and surfaces coating. The cleaner should have the bathroom, the urinal bowls and the flushing toilet cleaned at least twice a day.

Having the bathroom cleaned and maintained according to the cleaning schedule may not be easy as expected. However, getting rid of the smell is easier than expected. Sometimes, the sieve of the sewer is dry which can cause the bad gas or the bad odor coming out from the sewer. The cleaner should pour a glass of water into the sieve of the sewer every month in order to reduce the chance that the sewer will spread and release the gas from of the sewer.

Improvement of the Air Quality

Having the air conditioning system installed in your bathroom in order to produce the good air or the filtered air without any dirt for good ventilation inside the bathroom. Some model of the air conditioning come with the function to produce the ozone, the UV, the plasma and the photocatalytic oxidation technology.

Increase of the good smell or the good odor

Increase of the good smell or the good odor is the fast and simple way to reduce the bad smell and make the bathroom smelly. However, using the perfume for the bathroom must be carefully done because some of the tenants may not like the smell of the perfume to get rid of the bad smell.

The new odor control system will help get rid of the bad smell or the bad odor from the good air by absorbing the bad smell when the odor control system is installed on the area nearby the root of the smell in the bathrooms and the urinal bowls. This new technology can help get rid of the bad smell including the ammonia from the urine. The bathroom will always be clean and naturally fresh.


renovate bathroom


Once you know what you have to do and to take care and how to set up the goal, the improvement of the bathroom will become easier. You can use our recommendation to look for the areas which have the problems and to make the tenants have the good experience in using the bathroom of the rental properties. Do not forget if you would like to have your bathroom renovated or improved, please think of ZMARTBUILD to be one of your alternatives.


Renovation of the bathroom by the expert installers


bathroom renovation package


Looking for the knowledgeable, expert and responsible installers is not easy to do so. If you are not confident or not sure that in which direction your renovation of the bathroom will be, or you have some queries about the budget of the renovation as well as the specialization of the installation, our ZMARTBUILD can offer you the renovation of the bathroom service. Our ZMARTBUILD can make your renovation of the bathroom easier. With our Bathroom Solution Service, our team can provide you the personal consultation about the renovation including the designing, the site pre-inspection, the planning, and the construction and the renovation. We can build your new bathroom as your wish.


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