Changing for a Better Ceiling with SCG Smartboard

Changing for a Better Ceiling with Great Fiber Cement Board, SCG Smartboard

“Switching better ceiling for different and beautiful features, SCG Smartboard which is fiber cement board suits every style perfectly”

The main function of the ceilings is to conceal the messy electric wires and pipes above, as well as providing extra insulation from the heat of the roof. With great designs and selection of the right materials, a beautiful and unique interior are achievable. Taking the house of our valued customers as a prime example.

They actively contributed to the designs of ceilings throughout the house together with the Ceiling and Wall solution team at SCG Home Solution, Liang Mueng branch in Nakhon Sawan province, Thailand. With the perfect design, the next step would be selecting the materials. They have chosen fiber cement board, SCG Smartboard, for Better Ceiling; which is highly known for its durability, strength, waterproof, termite resistance, and most importantly for its beauty. With many patterns and designs available: such as smooth, wood grain, and grooved Smartboard; selecting the right fiber cement board of SCG Smartboard for your designed beautiful unique and better ceiling is simple.

Changing for a Better Ceiling with fiber cement board (1)

Photo: Living Room Ceiling – SCG Smartboard installed with different heights and a few extra features at the corner for uniqueness

Changing for a Better Ceiling with fiber cement board (2)

Photo: Bedroom Ceiling – for special features, raise an upscale design in all 4 parts of the ceiling for additional depth and uniqueness

Changing for a Better Ceiling with fiber cement board (3)

Photo: Office Ceiling – installed SCG Smartboard timber in a zigzag/herringbone/chevron pattern for exotic design

Changing for a Better Ceiling with fiber cement board (4)

Photo: Bedroom Ceiling – designed and installed in a diamond shape for a beautiful and stylish ceiling

After the ceilings are transformed, “All our neighbors complement our ceiling and ask for the designers,” said our valued customer. When asked for their favorite room, they pick the Office, “it is a unique and beautiful room,” they explained. The process till the finalization requires a lot of revision, which SCG Smartboard perfectly responds to the different designs in the bedroom, living room, and the office. Our valued customer commends that he is “content and satisfied” with his choice in choice using fiber cement board, SCG Smartboard for his better ceiling.

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If you would like to make a decision to buy the good quality fiber cement board from the trustworthy manufacturer like SCG Brand in order to renovate your house or project. We recommend SCG Smartboard that can allow you to enhancing the safety and long-term performance in several applications. SCG Fiber Cement Board Manufacturer, who produces SCG Smartboard, is the most suitable choice for internal and external wall & partition, in construction of building, housing, or renovated area. SCG Fiber Cement Board also the perfect choice for developers who are need high impact strength and lasting durability, easy installation and neat finishing material.

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