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3 Factors to make your house cosy and comfortable

“Let’s find out 3 Factors to make your house cosy and let’s see  comfortable house guideline for the increasing intense global warming every year”


Tropical region like South Asia, South East Asia, and Africa climate is subtropical throughout most of the country. These regions have hot climate throughout the year. If you would like to talk about the ‘‘Cosy and Comfortable” condition. Many people may understand that by lowering down the temperature in the house will create the “Cosy and Comfortable” condition. 


However, in fact, the Cosy and Comfortable Condition consists of many elements e.g. temperature, wind speed, humidity or moisture, dressing and activities performing.


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The Cosy and Comfortable Condition means the condition of the temperature and the humidity of the air which make people feel cosy and comfortable, not hot, not viscous or uncomfortable. The Cosy and Comfortable Condition consists of temperature, humidity, wind speed which hits our body e.g.  Sometimes we go to the beach where the temperature is not hot. The wind flows but it is too humid, we will feel uncomfortable. 


Comfortable Bed Room Idea


However if we stay in the room with the air conditioning unit, we will feel comfortable because the air conditioning unit gives the cool temperature and blows the wind to make the air move and flow and at the same time it will ventilate the humidity.  That’s why we feel comfortable but sometimes the electricity bill rises.  Therefore in order to create the cosy and comfortable condition for living, we have to consider the following three factors


1. Heat Shield Technology


SCG Aluminium Foil Sheet for heat reflection and Insulation
SCG Aluminium Foil Sheet for heat reflection and Insulation for heat protection


The important parts of the house are Roof, Ceiling and Partition.
When the sun shines, it will hit the roof which is on the top of the house and has more spacious area, therefore the roof will have a the great impact on the temperature inside the house.


The installation of SCG aluminium foil sheet can protect the heat directly. Heat Protection and Reflection, can reflect UV heat upto 95% and the installation of SCG Insulation Model Stay Cool above the ceiling in order to protect the heat from the spacious roof passing through the ceiling to the house.  Furthermore, it can ventilate the heat inside the spacious roof to outside by making the heat ventilator e.g. air ventilator in front of the house


How to making air ventilator on the roof to reduce heat
Making air ventilator on the roof can naturally reduce the heat


1) Making a high gable roof to let the heat float to the upper level with an air ventilation compartment or install the Eaves Liner.

2) Making a two-step roof for ventilation between each step of the roof.


SCG Ventilation Board - material to reduce heat from roof
(Left): Example of the patterns of the ventilated ceiling (Right): The installation of Eaves Liner


The Torre Guinigi is a tower in Lucca, Tuscany, central Italy. It is a typical example of local Romanesque-Gothic architecture. The height of the tower is 45 meters with a total of 232 steps to reach the top.


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For Heat reduction on the partition, we should choose the material for laying the partition with the low heat accumulation value e.g. Q-con Light Weight Concrete.  You should have the external wall painted in the light tone or bright tone e.g. white, cream, pastel or you can choose the heat reflecting paint or installing the Light Weight Concrete with the insulation on the partition exposed to the sun.  It will protect the heat more efficiently.


How to reduce the heat on wall or partition
Selecting Q-Con Light Weight Concrete or Installing the Light Weight Concrete with Insulation. It will help protect the heat more efficiently


2. Ventilation

SCG Active Air Flow
Example of the Direction of Air Ventilation inside the house


There should be air ventilation inside the house in order to ventilate the heat and make the air inside the house flowing better and not humid.  Normally, The window will perform this function to ventilate the air inside and outside, however many residents need to close the window or live in the house with less windows which makes the air unable to flow ventilate smoothly.  As a result you can feel stuffy, warm and uncomfortable in the house.


You can install Active AIRflow™ System which is the innovative air and heat ventilation from the house and the spacious roof in order to mechanically ventilate the air and the heat from the house quickly. The house will have a good ventilation even though the house has been closed the whole day. 


The house will not be stuffy or humid.  Active AIRflow™ System will help reduce the accumulated bacteria and the room temperature will cool down faster therefore the electricity cost for the air conditioning unit will be saved  upto16-20%


3. Green Landscape


Comfortable House Guideline
Green Landscape surrounding the houses and the big trees create the fresh and shady ambience and give shade to the house.
Verticle Garden help your living more comfort
Vertical Garden suitable for limited space and area. Easy Care and you can select the varieties of plants according to your preference and need


The house should be surrounded by the Green Landscape.  The house will not only become lively but also reduce the heat in the surrounding areas. The house will be cooled.  In case you have limited space or area, you can increase the green area by vertical SCG Modular Green Hive which has been designed for easy installation and easy care which is suitable for the current city life.


Making the house cosy and comfortable does not depend on any factor. It consists of various factors which have been mentioned above.  It will help save the energy as well.


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