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Drywall Panels Should Be Choice of Construction Material

The construction industry is undergoing nothing short of a revolution. With new construction materials slowly seeping in, architects and contractors are in a better position than ever. These new age materials are robust, offer faster construction and keep the aesthetics factor intact. From drywall panels to fiber cement boards, multiple options can help build a home, office space or any other structure faster than ever.


So, if you are an architect or a contractor who is still pitching age-old construction materials like brick, it’s time for a switch to drywall panels. The reasons listed below will help you make a better decision and know about the innumerable benefits of drywall construction.


Say Goodbye to Project Delays

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Delayed projects will become a thing of the past with drywall panels coming into the picture. Construction with drywalls is 4 times faster,  saves up to 25-40% labour cost and helps in the timely delivery of any project. With construction happening at a faster rate, contractors will be able to deliver projects within the proposed timeline. Another factor that contributes to faster delivery is that drywall panels don’t require any foundation on the floor to be installed. Using little or no water, the construction can happen at a faster rate with accuracy.


Soundproofing Made Easy!

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Known for their soundproof characteristics, drywalls are best suited for those looking to create a private space inside the home. Drywalls usually have a sound rating of up to 74 decibels and help prevent the migration of sound from one room to another. Not just for private constructions, the acoustics feature offered by drywalls is perfect for facilities like classrooms and hospitals as well.  


Easy to Cut, Work and Decorate

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In today’s world, everyone wants to have a home or any other property that is unique and different than others. Drywall panels are excellent for such people who want to customize their property according to their taste and needs. Drywall panels are easy to cut, work and install in any shape and size.


Weather Resistant

Another reason why architects and contractors should move towards drywalls is that of the weather resistant feature. This prominent characteristic makes it last longer and also prevents loss that tags along with moisture. While brick will easily start showing signs of damage when they come in contact with moisture; drywall panels, on the other hand, stand robust, show no signs of wear and outlast for decades.


Good for the Environment

This property of drywall panels outshines all those mentioned above. Pollution has become a matter of concern and the need of the hour is to rely on products that don’t harm the environment. Drywalls are made of fiberboard and gypsum which are environmentally-friendly materials. Not just this, the manufacturing process has fewer CO2 emissions and requires water in a much lesser quantity than bricks. Our environment is experiencing negative growth, choosing drywall panels will be nothing less than a step towards protecting the environment.  


We at SCG Smart Build offer drywalls that are extremely durable, water-resistant and flexible enough to suit the requirement of any construction type. Our sustainable drywall solutions are completely recyclable, are of exceptional quality and save up to 99% water as compared to brick and mortar construction.

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