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Top 3 Ways to Use Fiber Cement Boards

“Out of limitations comes creativity.” Debbie Allen.

No matter how many ingredients you have and how many things have been created using the same idea, there is no end to new concepts. One product can be utilized in many ways provided that you understand it clearly and wish to experiment against the stereotypical ideas. The concept of creativity keeps inspiring different sectors and construction industry is no exception. New products like fiber cement boards and drywalls, for instance, are redefining creativity. They are not just used as alternatives to traditional brick walls but also prove to be great options for various other construction work. As fiber cement board installation takes comparatively lesser time, it has become quite a revolutionary entrant in the construction industry.

In this article, we will unravel the top three ways in which you can use fiber cement board:


Internal Drywall SCG

This is the era of aesthetics and style. Everyone wants to have a place that reflects their status and aura. For this, they always look for something that is unique yet trustworthy. Fiber cement boards, thus, come as a great option which not only amplify the visual attraction of an area but also promises to last longer and offer protection from fire, moisture and termite. Our SCG Smart Build, Smartboard, uses Firm & Flex technology to offer strength, durability and elasticity together. We also offer Smartboards with ventilation drills which are suitable for eaves ceiling.

The advantages of using cement fiber boards do not end here. Their exciting and elegant styles and easy-to-use property also make them a great choice for ceilings. You can also install down lights and paint the boards as per your choice. The neat and sophisticated look that such boards offer is enough to make anyone praise you for the decision.

2.Interior & Exterior Wall

Be it a living room, kitchen, conference room or the exterior wall of a hotel; fiber cement boards are best for all. You can also use them to decorate your already built cement walls and transform the look of a place. The boards give a smooth finish to the walls and crack-free surface for painting. Also, as these boards are water and fire resistant, they are great for security purposes.

We at SCG Smart Build offer Smartboard which also has heat protection system that will keep the building properly insulated while maintaining the temperature at a comfortable level. This also improves the energy efficiency of the place. There is also an acoustical control system that prevents the migration of sound from one room to another. To know more specifications and properties, explore our website today.


Long gone are the days when flooring was not the focus. However, today flooring is one of the key factors that enhance a place’s visual appeal. That is why people use a cement floor, plywood and marbles. Interestingly, fiber cement boards have also entered this league and are proving to be a great alternative. Moreover, fiber cement board installation doesn’t take a lot of time and offers high impact strength.

Along with flooring, fiber cement boards are also used as floor underlay on which you can install parquet floor tiles and ceramic tiles for decorative purposes. We at SCG Smart Build have specially designed fiber cement boards in different sizes that can cater to all your requirements.

We know the unparalleled advantages of fiber cement board; hence, offer the best quality products. These are introduced in the market after undergoing plenty of tests to match international standards.

Specially designed for various purposes as mentioned above, our SCG Smartboard is prepared using state-of-the-art composition of SCG Portland cement, silica, and special cellulose fiber through Autoclave process. If you wish to know more about our products, get in touch today!

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