Key Advantages of Wall Partition System

Key Advantages of Wall Partition System

Dividing a room into two or an area into many segments is a common practice. It is done for many reasons – adding functionality to a space, privacy or making it more aesthetic. Whatever may be the reason, the wall partition system is highly used in both commercial and residential settings.


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Wall partition system is an ideal solution for workspaces that require a mobile layout – one that can change as per the needs. Instead of erecting a permanent brick and mortar wall, fiber cement sheets or fiber cement boards are a valuable alternative that works much better.

Fiber cement boards offer many advantages when it comes to wall partition systems. Some of them are:



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Walls created with conventional building materials such as brick and mortar are permanent. They also come with huge expenses and hassles.

On the other hand, using fiber cement board for wall partition can be highly flexible. They offer the same strength as that of conventional wall but are faster to construct without added hassles. One can break down an area to create cubicles or divide an area into two or more separate sections. It is a great way to bring more structure and order to an area that is otherwise chaotic. Furthermore, if in future there is a need to remove a wall – it can be done easily without any hassle.


2.Cost Savings

Building a permanent brick and mortar wall is not the most cost-effective solution. It requires a great deal of resources and takes a long time to get the final product. Fiber cement board, on the other hand, can be put in place easily and is typically an overnight job. Not only are the results superior, but there is up to 40% savings on labour cost. Anyone who is planning to use a wall partition system should consider fiber cement board. We at SCG Smart Build, offer the best fiber cement sheets that have high impact strength, are durable and can be installed easily without much hassle. Our fiber cement sheets also adhere to the highest international standards.


3. Minimum Disruptions

Wall partition systems using fiber cement sheet offer minimum disruptions and are typically installed in a couple of days. The work is done silently, and there is no loss of productivity. However, in the case of outdated brick and mortar construction, the entire process is an invitation to loss of productivity and the confusing environment.

Another aspect of disruption is that our fiber cement sheets offer sound resistance of up to 38dB and adhere to BS 2750 standards. A must for spaces that require privacy.


4.Unparalleled Aesthetics

Conventional brick and mortar construction cannot meet the aesthetic standards of a fiber cement sheet. Windows, doors, electrical circuitry and cables are incorporated easily into the design. Not to forget, fiber cement sheets have a smooth crack free surface that brings the best out of paint and wallpaper. Also, we at SCG Smart Build offer fiber cement sheets in many different series –wood grain with golden teak color, square lining, tapered lining and many more. They are a perfect choice to fit any décor and will simply look like a part of the building’s permanent architecture.


Wall partition using fiber cement board is becoming increasingly popular in both commercial and residential spaces. They have plenty of use-cases and address the problems such as providing order and structure to an area. They are also the best way to partition a space for applications such as making pantry, cubicles, or meeting rooms. Being a flexible solution – fiber cement boards are highly regarded in the construction industry for numerous advantages that they offer. We at SCG Smart Build offer fiber cement boards of the highest quality and standards. Our fiber cement boards are termite and water resistant, provide high impact strength, and are flexible for a variety of use-cases.  




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