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Materials for your kitchen sink

How do you know how to select the materials for your kitchen sink. It does not matter whether your kitchen is big or small, the kitchen sink still plays an important role in the kitchen. From the washing of the raw materials and the ingredients prior to the cooking to the washing of the bowls and dishes after heavy cooking.

It is necessary to carefully select the materials for your kitchen sink in order to match with the usability in the kitchen as well as the convenience without wasting of the space,

With various functions which can be added with the supplement accessories for the maximum benefit of usability and also in order to have the surface of the body of the kitchen sink cleaned easily.

Furthermore, the good selection of materials for your kitchen sink can match with any style of the houses, which can make the usability of the kitchen easy every day. From our previous article about the secrets how to select the kitchen sink, you can go back to read the article again here:

Today, our ZMARTBUILD will present you how to select the materials for your kitchen sink. This is the additional information from our previous article. Let’s come with us to read about how to select the kitchen sink.

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Materials and Usability

  • Kitchen sink which is made of Aluminum

Benefits: inexpensive and no rust, however it is quite difficult to clean and the service life is shorter.  You should avoid using the metal fiber to scrub the kitchen sink to prevent the scratches.

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  • Kitchen sink is made of the chromium plated steel

kitchen sink materials

Benefits: inexpensive, however the service life is so short, it can be used only for 2-3 years.  The chromium plated coat will be cracked and broken and can be easily rusty. You should wipe this chromium plated sink dry every time after use. Special chemicals for this type of chromium plated sink should be applied at least once a month.

  • Kitchen sink is made of the stainless steel

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Kitchen Sink double Bowl with tray Surface 3.5 mm Bowl 1.2 mm (Zm12050A)

Stainless Steel Sink Cleaning Recommendations. Use soft or micro fibre cloths and white vinegar can be used to remove limescale deposits, ensure to rinse thoroughly after use, do not leave the vinegar in contact with the surface. Stainless Steel sinks should not be wax coated or oil coated in order to avoid the dirt on the surface of the Stainless Steel Sink.

  • Kitchen sink is made of the high quality synthetic materials

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This type of synthetic materials is similar to the natural stones. Benefits include Easy Maintenance, Scratch Resistance, Heat Resistance. This synthetic material kitchen sinks can be matched with any type and any style of the kitchen, however the cost is too expensive.  You can use baking soda mixed with the warm water to clean this type of kitchen sink. You can wipe the surface of the kitchen sinks with the dirt.  If the dirt is too deep, only baking soda can be applied on that area for one hour and after that you can wipe it out with the cloth.

  • Kitchen sink is made of artificial stones : Stone – Granite/Composite/Marble Sinks


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Stone sinks are a luxurious and attractive option. There are several different types available including 100% marble, 100% granite, granite composite (85% quartz granite 15% resin) and cultured marble (marble dust, stone, and resin). These sinks are relatively heavy and as a result, may require special cabinet preparation for safe installation. Solid granite and marble sinks are often found as “apron-front” or Farmhouse style sinks. They can have a distinctive chiseled face showcasing the natural stone, or sport intricately carved designs. If you are seeking an elegant look, a smooth front surface matching the sink’s interior is always a great option. Solid marble or granite sinks can be expensive, but granite composite can offer a similar look at a much more cost-effective price.

Other factors for the selection of the kitchen sinks

Food Containers, Sink Baskets, Storage racks at the corner of the kitchen sink

For your convenience, you should select the kitchen sink with the sink baskets installed at any corner of the kitchen sink so that you will have ample space in the kitchen sink for your dishes and bowls. You‘d better select the kitchen sink with the sink basket at the back of the sink for your convenience. All the dishes and bowls can be put in the sink near your hands.

The kitchen sink should have enough depth

The modern and beautiful design of the kitchen sinks with the storage racks should be selected for longer service life at your convenience for usability.

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The good selection of the kitchen sink, matching with the type of the usability will enable you to have the durable kitchen sinks at your convenience as well as suiting the style of your cooking and your kitchen.


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