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SCG Fiber Cement Lap Siding for the Interior Design

“Wood is one of the interior design materials which make your house look cozy and nature-like. However, these days, we are running out of trees and wood becomes more expensive. Also, wood requires time and expenses to maintain as well. Therefore, fiber-cement lap siding is a good alternative material due to its termite-free property and durability, which can be used in the wet and damp area such as toilet.”


They also come in different textures (smooth, wood grains, and cassia texture). The lap siding can be painted over as you wish. Some models are pre pained from the factory (Mostly brownish shades). The long lasting fiber cement board lap siding used for the interior design consists of the “decorative wall panel” and “wood plank lap siding”.


Room Style, Your Style


If you seek for the natural ambiance, the SCG smartwood plank lap siding with the grain texture can be used to achieve that look. However, if you prefer the modern style, you may use the regular smooth-texture wood lap siding.


Meanwhile, the colonial style room is suitable with the lap siding which the edge is lathed.  Each SCG fiber cement sheet lap siding models may have different ways to install; some may be installed in a clapboard style; some may have the bevel to install over to hide the screw.


How to Use Lap Siding for the Interior Design
Examples of how to use the fiber cement lap siding for the interior design ( SCG Smartwood – Modeena Series )


SCG good quality Lap Siding to decorate house
How to use the SCG Smartwood Modeena decorative wall panel installing with other materials to create interesting patterns.


SCG fiber cement Lap Siding for the Interior Design
(Left): How to use lathed edge lap siding (SCG Smartwood Colonial Lap Siding) and (Right) Bevel Lap Siding which was installed without seeing any screw.


How to install SCG fiber cement Lap Siding for the Interior Design
Decorating the bedroom with fiber cement wood grains-texture lap siding (SCG Smartwood Woodplank Golden Teak)


Using fiber cemet Lap Siding idea
Decorating small corner in the bedroom with wood grains-texture lap siding (SCG Smartwood Rosewood)


Apart from the decorative wall panels and lap siding,SCG fiber board cement lap siding also comes in the form of “Cornice” for crowning the top and bottom edge of the ceiling, “Lath” for ceiling installation (smooth and wood-grains texture), “Sunshade” for room partition, and “Decorative Stair wood” for stair riser, stair tread, banisters, and landing stage installation.


However, please keep in mind that “every part of the SCG Smartwood wooden stairs must be supported with the steel framing because the main purpose of these woods is to decorate only (unlike wooden stairs that are real wood)”. Also, you must strictly follow the manual once installed for your own safety.


Idea for using SCG Fiber Cement Lab Siding
Example of how to use fiber cement lap siding around the ceilings and walls


SCG Lab Siding Fiber Cement site reference
Example of how to use lap siding to build sunshade (Left: SCG Smartwood Shading set ) and Ladder (Right: SCG Smartwood stair plank)






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