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How will you know when you should renovate or change your High Commode?

“Time to renovate or change High Commode, Time to use ‘COTTO’ Brand”

Nowadays, the type of the family in the world is so much different which can be Nuclear family, Extended family, Joint Family, Blended family or even a Relatively Newly recognized type of family which is called Family by Choice, which proportionately depends on the cultures, societies and beliefs of each country.

Extended family

The extended family is the most common type of family in the world. Extended families include at least three generations: grandparents, married offspring, and grandchildren. This type of the extended family is in the region of South Asia. The extended family is usually important to South Asians. It can be an excellent support network, emotionally and practically, providing everything from childcare to interest-free loans, etc.

Living in the extended family like this in South Asia consequently results in the type of the residential area which must be suitable for the family members who are different generations living in the same family.

We would like to give an example of the world populated countries like India and Bangladesh.

If you are the people in these two countries or if you used to travel to these two countries, especially in the capital city or in the big cities, or if you used to visit the residential buildings of the people in these two countries, you can see that the residential buildings will be allocated and renovated in order to match with all of the generations of family members in the family, especially when you have the new member in the family like the daughter-in-law or the newly born nieces or nephews in the family. These families always have the idea to decorate or to renovate or change the house and make the house more comfortable.

Generations of family members

Which part of your house need more attention when you renovate or change your house?

When you would like to renovate or change your house, it is certain that the budget will be taken into consideration first before making a decision to change your house or to renovate your house. If you have more budget, you can renovate the house more. You can even hire the Interior designer to help you to design and find the installers to provide the full cycle of the installation service. However if you have limited budget, some part of the house can be changed or renovated first as the best alternative way.

Undeniable that the commode is the most important are of the house. If you would like to renovate your house, the renovation or changing of the high commode will be taken into consideration first. Because the commode is the area where is often used by everyone in the family. Therefore, many families give the importance to the commode. Some families even hire the Interior designer to take care of the renovation of the house but the commode part, the house owners may request the Interior designer to select the materials for their commodes by themselves. Therefore, the commode is considered to be the important area of the house which needs more attention.

Cotto Simply modish Two piece Flush Toilet (Hygiene)

If you consider various accessories in the commode, you will find that there are many accessories which need to be renovated or changed in order to match with the age of the users in the family and also match with the service life of the accessories in the high commode.

Although the service life of the accessories in the commode is long, it does not mean that there will be no damage of the accessories or the accessories can be used forever. It depends on how you use the accessories in the commode or how to maintain them and have them fixed correctly.

Especially the commode which will be normally ignored and forgotten to give the importance. People always misunderstand that the accessories in the commode can be used forever and are not necessary to be changed.

Furthermore, the renovate or change of the high commode is not easy and it is complicated and quite difficult. It cannot be fixed or changed by yourself. You need to get the specialized installers to fix or change it. Do you know or not that Commode injuries or Toilet injuries are more common than people think. If you ignore and overlook to renovate or change your high commode, it will be possibly cause accidents to your love ones.

Renovate or Change your High Commode – Newer, Safer and More Comfortable

Accidents can happen from the usage of the toilet or the commode.  There are many accidental cases in the world for the toilet injuries.  Do you know what are the reasons caused for the toilet injuries? We have the information updated for you.

The injuries if not renovate or change high commode

1. Accident from the toilet seat

The toilet seat is considered to be one of the important part of the accessories which can cause the toilet injuries since the toilet seat always touches our body all the time of using.

Furthermore, the installation structure of the toilet seat is designed to be removable. The toilet seat is not permanently fixed with the flushing toilet. It is possible that the users may be sliding from the toilet seat. You can be hurt by the broken toilet seat while you are using the toilet or even the toilet seat may be falling down on your foot when you stand up for instance.

Accident occur from high Commode seat if not renovate or change

The reasons which cause the toilet injuries are as follow:

  • The frequent removing of the toilet seat or the opening and the closing of the toilet seat when cleaning, which can loosen the bolts and nuts fixed on the toilet, as a result the toilet seat can deviate to the left or the right direction while using the toilet.
  • A lack of toilet seat maintenance: This is true story for the people in every family who do not provide the good maintenance of the toilet seat. In this case it means no maintenance and no checking the condition of the toilet seat constantly. You just simply get the toilet seat cleaned and make it not dirty only.
  • Other defects e.g. defects on the toilet seat itself or the initial incorrect installation from the beginning since the user is not the specialized installer who can specifically change the toilet or the sanitary ware correctly and properly.

2. Accident from the flushing toilet

The body of the toilet is considered to be the major component of the flushing toilet. Since the body of the toilet must accommodate the loading of the user which is considered to be the foundation structure. Therefore, once the foundation is broken, it can lead to the accident. It can cause the serious toilet injuries to the user more than the toilet seat.

Time to change high commode

The main reasons which cause the accident from the body of the toilet can be summarized as follow:

  • The selection of the inferior standard of the flushing toilet. The low quality material used for the toilet
  • The heavy weight and the heavy loading of the body of the toilet user on the toilet can make the toilet broken and collapsed which is considered serious injuries. Especially, the elderly people which cannot move the body conveniently and quickly. If this type of toilet injuries occur, the elderly people cannot stand up or immediately move themselves from the toilet. The elderly people can possibly get hurt from the broken and collapsed toilet. The elderly people can possibly break their bones or fall down on the floor.
  • The sizes of the flushing toilet which are physically smaller or bigger than the body of the users, cannot accommodate the heavy weight of the user and are not suitable for the user
  • If the toilet is too small, it will not be able to accommodate the loading or the weight of the user in the long run which can cause the easy breakage. But if the bigger size is selected, it will not be suitable for the children who can possibly and accidently fall down into the toilet bowl if they use the toilet alone. The toilet injuries can be possibly occurred to your love ones.
  • The selection of the toilet which is not high inadequately for the user. If the toilet is too high or too short, it will result in the sitting on the toilet or the standing up from the toilet. If the toilet is too high, it will be difficult for the children and the elderly people to use since their feet are not fully touching on the floor. The children or the elderly people can possibly fall down on the floor or can be slippery. However if the toilet is too short, it will be difficult for the children or the elderly people to move up from the toilet which result in the standing up of the children and the elderly people as well.

3. Accidents from other reasons

Which can cause the toilet injuries to the people in the family e.g. the water leakages from the toilet because the removal of the grout fixed on the toilet or the using of the low quality of the grouting. Besides these, it is possible that the leakages can come from the jointing parts of the toilet as well.

Change leakages high commode

The toilet paper on the ground may be fallen down unintentionally and the user does not notice before standing up and the flooding area on the floor near the toilet while using the butt spray.

Therefore, the selection of the toilet should be carefully made. The good quality and well-known brand of the toilet should be selected and are physically suitable for the different generations of every family member in the family.

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