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Select the right choice of ceiling board for you

“Each type of ceiling board gives different feelings so you should select products which are right for you. This will also save your budget on purchase and maintenance for long term use. ” 


Gypsum board

Gypsum board is easy to install and can be plastered to smoothly cover joints and paint. It can be used for interior decoration. For exterior installation, it has been developed to have water-resistance feature for wet area such as in bathroom and external area.


Elephant Gypsum Ceiling Board Site Reference
Gypsum for ceiling


Fiber Cement board

Fiber cement board is composed of cellulose fiber, non-toxic substance which is more flexible and durable to withstand sunlight and rain water so it is a top choice for both interior and exterior use. Ceiling board is for interior use while wooden model and model with ventilating holes are suitable for exterior option.


SCG Ceiling Board Outdoor
Fiber Cement Ceiling Board Application


SCG Fiber Cement Board - Cement Sheet for ceiling
Fiber Cement Board Square Edge and Tapered Edge


SCG Ventilated Ceiling Board
Ventilated Ceiling Board


SCG Decorative Ceiling Board
Decorative Ceiling Board



Wood Ceiling

Wood ceiling is natural material which gives warm and beautiful look. Naturally, wood will shrink more when compared to synthetic materials so it needs good care. Now, price of wood is much higher than other materials and so is maintenance cost. Therefore, it is suitable for area which needs special decoration.


Wood Ceiling Decoration
Wood Ceiling Decoration


Vinyl for ceiling

Vinyl is alternative decorative choice due to its light-weighted feature and small necessity for painting so it is appropriate for area which is soaked or wet all the time. It is designed to be used with exterior ceiling “eave ceiling” with interlocking system. Available models are lath and board with ventilating hole to ventilate air and reduce heat under roof. 


Vinyl for ceiling
Vinyl for ceiling


Vinyl ventilated ceiling
Vinyl ventilated ceiling





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