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We believe Building a BETTER Home for a BETTER Living could be ZMARTER” with ZMARTBUILD Shopping

           The current situation in the world nowadays, the innovative digital marketing trends are among the top priorities for most people. The digital trends play an important roles in people’s daily lives. It is very convenient to communicate with each other, as well as the transaction of the buying and selling of the products. In early 2020, the entire world has changed because of the COVID-19 pandemic which has completely changed our lives and the customer behavior. We need to keep our social and physical distancing. It is too risky to have a face-to-face meeting. We should avoid the face-to-face communication behavior. Because of the COVID-19 pandemic, it leads to the new behavior which is called the new normal. Especially the meeting which can be done through various conference programs.  The customer behavior in buying the products has been changed from the brick and mortar store to the Online shopping platform like ZMARTBUILD Shopping for instance.

            Many people have some questions and some doubts why they need to change their behavior of the buying of the products from the physical shops to be the online shopping platform like ZMARTBUILD Shopping.  Let’s take a look at the online shopping which can help make your life easier.

Online shopping

  1. It is more convenient.

You do not have to waste your time to get stuck in the traffic jam in order to go to buy the products at the physical store. You will plenty of time to choose the products and enjoy your shopping if you shop online with ZMARTBUILD.

  1. Peace of Mind.

Buying the good quality of the products at the right prices and feel comfy when making the payment and have a smiley face when receiving the products.

  1. Smarter decision.

Choose the best thing, the good quality of well-known Brands in order to lift up the better standard of living and the better house.

  1. Smarter choice.

You can look for the required products from the reliable shops from our ZMARTBUILD. Your life will be easier than before.

Resolve customer’s pain point from buying items from online platform

Although the online platform will help make the people’s lives easier to shop the products and the services, many people have some questions and often have some problems of buying the products on the online shopping platforms. They are reluctant and afraid of buying the products on the online shopping platforms. All the customers can be ensured that there will be neither the annoyance nor the problems of buying of the products on ZMARTBUILD Shopping.

  • Counterfeit?

ZMARTBUILD shopping is the online platform operated by the manufacturer directly. You can be ensured that the products which you buy from the ZMARTBUILD Shopping platform are the genuine products directly sent from manufacturer. It is 100% guaranteed.

  • Will I receive the products if we already paid the money?

We are afraid that the vendor or the supplier will not deliver the products and run away with the money.

Buying the products on ZMARTBUILD Shopping platform is similar to buying the products directly from SCG Smart Build Bangladesh. When the customers settle the payment, the customers will be guaranteed that they will certainly receive the products.

ecommerce shopping online

However, if you are not convenient or not comfortable to make the payment in advance, our ZMARTBUILD shopping can provide you the service of Cash on Delivery (COD) which will make you feel comfortable to make the payment once you completely receive the products.

  • Is the product a good quality product?

We are afraid that the defect product will be delivered and sent to us. We carefully select only the good quality of the products for the customers. Not only the imported product, but also the local made products, the quality of the products must pass the quality standard requirement of the company.

If the delivered products are damaged or cannot be used because of the manufacturing process or because of the delivery, we are pleased to change the new product for you and resend the product to you. (**according to the required terms and conditions).

  • Are the delivered products the same as the products shown on the ZMARTBUILD Shopping?

The pictures of the products on ZMARTBUILD Shopping are taken from the real products with the specification from the manufacturer directly. The customers can be ensured that they will surely receive the same products as shown on the ZMARTBUILD Shopping.

Why do you need to buy the products on ZMARTBUILD Shopping?

Many people have questioned about the shopping on ZMARTBUILD. Is it better to shop on ZMARTBUILD than to shop on other online shopping platforms. We will bring you to have the same understanding simultaneously.

shopping platform

  • Convenience:

You can do 24-hour online shopping. You can press the purchase order button at any time when you are convenient and free. We have the service of the order confirmation by email and 24 hour calling back.

  • Safety:

You don’t have to go outside. It is very simple and easy to do the online shopping on ZMARTBUILD at home. Just click the button on ZMARTBUILD on your Mobile phone or on your computer desktop. You don’t have to go outside to take any risks to meet and associate with other people during this pandemic of the Coronavirus, COVID-19. Shopping online on ZMARTBUILD is the best way to keep Social Distancing.

  • Specialist Advise:

If you have any queries or any doubts and you would like to have some advice or some recommendation, our own product specialists are waiting for you to answer all the questions and to provide and advise you some product information.


cotto online shopping

If you are still confused and you are not sure of what products you need or you are still reluctant for what products you would like to buy, you can click on the contents of the products category in order to see the benefits of each products, the introduction of the products, the comparison of the different materials used for each product as well as the installation or the usage of the products.

You can be inspired by the contents of our products on ZMARTBUILD before making a decision to buy the products to decorate or renovate your house. Your decision will be easily made.


Many products are sold on ZMARTBUILD Shopping

Our platform has offered various types of products which will be categorized into groups. You can select, shop and buy as you wish.  We will mainly focus on the Home & Living, and Building Materials & Construction. In the future, ZMARTBUILD Shopping will have more upcoming products to be offered to the customers in order to satisfy their needs.

Commode online shopping

Ceiling Fan online shopping

Yale lock online shopping

The current product group can be categorized into the following main groups

  1. Building Materials: Minimum purchase of 75pcs. It can be mixed together between Elephant Gypsum Board and SCG Smartboard. However, for any quantities lower than 75 pcs, please call us.
    • Elephant Gypsum Board
    • SCG Smartboard
  2. COTTO

Cotto basin online shopping

   3.  CHARU

Charu online shopping

First: Shock prices for some special items: Which cannot be found anywhere with the limited quantity of the products offered and while stock last. No replenishment. Immediately add to cart and place the order promptly.

Second: Special price all products during this opening of the ZMARTBUILD Shopping Platform.

Third: We have special discount offer via coupon code (first come, first serve)

Forth: Free Delivery in Dhaka when you have the required purchase amount.

  • COTTO à Minimum purchase of 5,000 BDT.
  • Building materials à Order 75 pcs. (**Note: Delivered at ground floor only. Not including lift-off service from truck.)

How to place order on the ZMARTBUILD Shopping

You can watch the video how to place the order of the products on ZMARTBUILD shopping according to the below link.  The process is very easy and convenient. You can do it by yourself.

  1. Watch the products which you are interested in purchasing
  2. Add to cart & Check out
  3. Key in the coupon code and select the mode of transport
  4. Register and Fill in the personal information. Please key in the full address of delivery and the contact number
  5. Select payment method: “Cash on Delivery” or “Bank transfer”
  6. Press the “Place Order” button. The order summary page will appear. The email will be sent to you to confirm the order and our staff will contact you to confirm the order
  7. In case you select “Bank transfer” method, settle the payment according to the bank account in the purchase order which will have the details of the time of the payment within 72 hours after placing the order (you can make the payment before placing the order as well.)
  8. You have to send the bank slip to the email or the WhatsApp which is shown on the purchase order
  9. Our staff will confirm the receipt of the money and waiting for the products to be delivered

What is ZMARTBUILD Shopping?

Zmartbuild online shopping

We understand very well that the key principle of the buying of the products on online platform is trust and reliability which is considered to be the important factor of the customers for making the decision to buy. Every customer would like to obtain the good quality of the products and the product warranty if the product damages before use.  All of these problems reflect the vendor who is the owner of the online platform.

            Therefore in order to make the customers comfortable to shop on ZMARTBUILD Shopping platform, we would like to take this opportunity to officially introduce ourselves to you as follows:

SCG International is the one who operates the ZMARTBUILD Shopping platform. SCG International is the subsidiary company of SCG, the biggest conglomerate in Thailand in Construction and Building Materials Business, Packaging Business and Chemicals Business. SCG is the owner of the brands of SCG and COTTO. SCG holds some shares of the brand of Elephant Gypsum Board.

SCG International represents SCG to develop the overseas markets for the construction and building materials of SCG like SCG Smartboard, SCG Smartwood and Elephant Gypsum. SCG International also develops the markets in Bangladesh as well.

We have the presence in Bangladesh under the name of SCG Smart Build Bangladesh. We have the showroom for you to visit and see our products in Bangladesh. The address is shown as below:

Navana Zohura Square, 8th floor,
28 Kazi Nazrul Islam Avenue, Bangla Motor, Dhaka 1000

Land Line No. 09610 118899, 09610 119988

If any customer would like to see the products first before making a decision to buy after the relief of the pandemic of the COVID-19, you can visit our showroom according to the abovementioned address or if you have any queries, please contact our staff directly or you can give us a call or just walk-in to our showroom for further discussion during our operating hours.

We are pleased to welcome you to shop on our ZMARTBUILD shopping platform and we are pleased to be willingly of your service.

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