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New Year New Home in Bangladesh … How to improve your home to suit yourself?

It’s time to improve your home as to welcome New Year in Bangladesh, we would like to share home décor and home improvement by ZMARTBUILD shopping platform

This New Year is quite different from other New Years since the world still has the great impact from the pandemic of the Coronavirus- COVID-19. We can say that almost every country in every continent is affected, consequently, the New Year Celebration must be done in the new normal way. That is most of the people will choose to stay at home to celebrate their New Year with their families in order to keep the social distancing or physical distancing in order to stay away from the infection of the COVID-19.

Undeniable that the COVID-19 has changed everyone in this world. Everyone has to spend their time at home more than the past. Everyone has to stay home more. Therefore, after the New Year celebration ended, it is the good time which we would like to invite you to improve and renovate your home if you are in Bangladesh. As to welcome the New Year to make everyone in the family happy, fresh and comfortable when they have to spend more time together at home.

However, there are many factors in Bangladesh which must be taken into consideration in order to improve and renovate your home. Those factors include the budget and time and which part of the house should be renovated first.

Let’s take a look which part of the house can be renovated first under different circumstances in order for you to make a decision to appropriately renovate your house.

The Renovation of which part of your house is Right for you

As we said earlier, in order to renovate your house, many factors must be taken into consideration. The most important factor is the frequency of the usage, the budget, and the renovation time respectively. Let’s take a look at which room of the house should be renovated first.

1. Bathroom

improve home - bathroom

Although the bathroom is not the room where is frequently used in the house, the bathroom is an important part of the house where most of the people in the house must use it. Importantly, the bathroom is the room where most of people can often get the accident easily.

Therefore if you have the constraint of the budget and time to renovate or improve your home in Bangladesh, we recommend you to renovate your bathroom first.

More or less renovation can be divided into the followings:

1) Renovate the whole bathroom (Bathroom Solution Renovation)

Bathroom Solution Renovation

If you have a certain amount of the budget, the renovation of the whole bathroom is considered to be the investment for your safety and your sanitization for every member in the house. Because changing of the new sanitary ware e.g. changing from the pan commode or the squat toilet to be the high commode or the flushing toilet will help and support the elderly people like your parents or even the small children, as well as the pregnant women who are living in the same house.

All of them will be safe when they are using the high commode which can accommodate very well the physical body of the users or the separation of the wet zone of the bathroom from the dry zone of the bathroom can prevent the users from being slippery because of the overflowing water on the bathroom floor after finishing taking a bath.

Although the high budget will be used for the renovation of the bathroom, when being compared with the hospital bills because of the accidents in the bathroom, the budget of the renovation is worth paying. Not only the renovation of the bathroom can help increase the safety for everyone in the family, but also the renovation of the bathroom can make your bathroom newer and beautiful and you will be proud of your newly renovated bathroom when there are some guests visiting your house.

ZMARTBUILD has the full cycled renovation service of the bathroom for the homeowners in Bangladesh, Not only the site inspection and the design, but also the uninstallation and the installation as well as many various types of the products in the bathroom category for your shopping.

We can say that once you obtain our ZMARTBUILD service. It will be your one stop shopping platform.  You do not have to be headache to negotiate with many vendors or many contractors. Our ZMARTBUILD is the reliable platform in Bangladesh. We also provide the product and service warranty for you as well. You can be ensured that you will only obtain the good quality of service and products from our ZMARTBUILD.

2) The selective change of some frequently used accessories

If you have less budget as well as less time and fewer people for the renovation. The selective change of some frequently used accessories of the bathroom can be taken into consideration.  It is the best way to solve all of your aforesaid problems. We recommend you to consider changing the accessories according to the importance and the urgency of use with the details as follow:

a) Commode

COTTO Space Commode (C17027)Once your commode has been used for a long time, is it time now to change your commode? Not only changing from the old pan commode or the old high commode to be the new pan commode or the new high commode, but also changing from the pan commode to be the high commode in order to increase the better standard of living in terms of your defecation.

b) Rain showerCOTTO-8X8-Rain-Shower-Model-Z95

Once the rain shower has been used for a certain period of time, most of the rain showers will be contaminated or accumulated with the bacteria. The water shower from the rain shower will be falling down on your bodies and your faces or get into your eyes or your mouths which is eventually no good for your health if the rain shower is contaminated or accumulated with the bacteria.

c) FaucetCotto Faucet CT2142A

The Faucet is considered to be one of the frequently used items in the bathroom. The valve might be damaged or might be out of order, not operating because it is broken from the frequent opening and the frequent closing of the valve. If the valve is broken, the closing of the valve may not be completely done. It is possible that you may have some water leakage from the broken faucet. If you change the broken faucet, you can save a lot of money from the water leakage. Changing of the faucet is easy and simple. You can manually change the faucet by yourself. It is not expensive. It takes a few minutes to change the faucet only.

If you are in Bangladesh, you can come to visit our bathroom related products on our ZMARTBUILD shopping platform because we are the bathroom expert who consolidates all bathroom related products and services in one place. We guarantee that every single product is 100% genuine. If you have any problem in using our products, please can contact us for our 24/7 customer service.

3) The installation of the additional bathroom accessories in the bathroom

Cromption Water Heater - Ariston Water Heater

If you still do not have any plan to improve your bathroom or you are only the tenant of the room, you can look for the additional bathroom accessories in your bathroom like the water heater to be installed in your bathroom. Since during the winter time, when you take a bath, the water will be very cold. Many people do not want to take a bath during the winter time. Many people must be patient to take a bath with the cold water which is possible to get a cold eventually.

It will make your life easier and better when you look for the helper like the water heater which is very important in your bathroom. The price of the water heater is not so expensive which you can invest and get the water heater installed in your bathroom although you are the tenant of the room.

Our ZMARTBUILD shopping platform offers you many types of the water heaters, many brands for your selection. We selectively offer you the good quality of the products only. Furthermore, there are many special promotions which help you save your money in your pocket. Please visit our platform for making a decision to buy.

2. Living Room

improve home - living room

The central area where everyone in the family will get together is unavoidably the living room or the guest room. Normally most of the houses will combine these two rooms together – the living room and the guest room.  We can say that the living room is secondly important from the bathroom. If you are in Bangladesh and would like to improve or renovate your home, how you can improve your living room with different budget and time. Let’s take a look here.

1) Changing of the new floor in the living room

improve home - SPC Flooring

Normally, most of the living rooms will be installed with the ceramic tiles which have both pros and cons.  The slippery problem of the floor is often found in the living room installed with the ceramic tiles especially when the water spilled over on the ceramic tiles floor. The ceramic tiles floor may be broken as well when something is falling down on the ceramic tiles floor. Normally it will be difficult to change a few pieces of broken ceramic tiles. No installer is willing to come to change a few pieces of the broken ceramic tiles for you. It is not worth coming for the service.

Therefore, the new alternative way which is used by many houses, is the using of SPC or the Stone Plastic Composite for the installation of the floor in the living room. The SPC Floor is not slippery because of the rough texture which has a wood look. The SPC Floor is scratch resistant and impact resistant. The material of the SPC Floor is fire resistant and termite free since there is no real wood composed in the material. The SPC Floor is easy for the installation. It takes about one day for the installation for the room area not more than 300 sq.ft.

If you are interested in changing your floor by using the SPC Floor, you can contact our ZMARTBUILD Shopping platform for more information and further enquiry, we have the prompt stock and the expert installer team to install the SPC Floor for you promptly. The SPC Floor can be installed on the smooth old floor which can be the ceramic tiles or the wooden floor without any uninstallation of the old floor.

2) Purchasing of the additional decorative items

improve home - Electric fan

This is an easy way to improve the scenery in the living room by setting up your own budget by yourself. The first decorative item which we would like to recommend you is that the Electric Ceiling Fan for the installation on the ceiling. The Electric Ceiling Fan which is prominent and outstanding can be used and functioned in real not only for decoration. This Electric Ceiling Fan is considered to be one of the useful decorative items.

You can visit our ZMARTBUILD Shopping platform to see and shop the products or you can visit our physical store to see the real products as well. We have various types of the Electric Ceiling Fan, various price levels. We also have the special promotions for you when you shop and buy our Electric Ceiling Fan.

3. Kitchen room

improve hom - kitchen room

The kitchen may be the room which is not frequently used for some people. But for the housewives who use the kitchen for cooking for the family members. The kitchen is considered to be a very important room. How we can improve or renovate our kitchen. Let’s take a look here.

1) Installation of the additional accessories

improve home - cooker hoods

One of the necessary and important accessories in the kitchen especially in the high rise buildings like the condominiums or apartments is the cooker hoods because every time when you cook, there will be some smoke and some smells flowing in the kitchen or may be flowing into other rooms as well. If you have some budget, we recommend you to have the cooker hoods installed in your kitchen. These cooker hoods will make all of the housewives happy to cook since all the housewives do not have to stand patiently amid the smoke and the smells above the pan while cooking.

When selecting the cooker hoods, you should select the high quality brands of the cooker hoods since the cooker hoods must be used in the kitchen frequently and used for a long time. It is a good investment to buy the cooker hoods from the reliable manufacturers. Our ZMARTBUILD would like to recommend you our PYRAMIS – Cooker Hoods which are imported from Greece with the premium European Quality. You can be ensured of our good quality of the Cooker Hoods.

2) Changing the new one, more lovely and pleasant

kitchen sink granite

If you think that the Cooker Hoods are not important for your kitchen, with the next constraint budget, we would like to recommend you the kitchen sink. The kitchen sink once has been used for a certain period of time, without the cleanliness after use, the kitchen sink can be contaminated with the bacteria or the germs or even the corrosive rust. When you store or put down the fresh meat, some fruits or even the forks and the spoons on the kitchen sink for washing. Some bacteria and germs may be left on the kitchen sink or the kitchen sink may be corrosive which can lead to the leakage of the water, the possible injuries may occur from the slippery floor. Changing of the kitchen sink is one of the alternative way to make the housewives happy with less budget.

Our ZMARTBUILD shopping can offer various brands of kitchen sinks. You can shop with your own budget that you have. We have many brands from both Europe and Asia.  You can be guaranteed and will not be disappointed if you buy the products from our ZMARTBUILD shopping.

Shop Quality, Shop ZMARTBUILD … Renovate or Improve your home in Bangladesh, think of ZMARTBUILD one stop shopping platform

If you are in Bangladesh and you decide to improve your home so you would like to buy or to obtain the home service from the reliable manufacturers directly, please visit our ZMARTBUILD Shopping, online platform who offers you the Home & Living products and the Bathroom Solution Service in Bangladesh. Our ZMARTBUILD is the platform where consolidates and offers various reliable leading brands and reliable installation team to service you.

Shopping with our ZMARTBUILD, you can feel comfortable, you can save your money and you can get the genuine products. You can be ensured for 1000% that you will receive the products from our platform. You can reach us all the time if you have any problems or any queries. Besides these, we also provide you our full package of promotion, we also provide the installation service for you as well.

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