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Privacy and security of yours and your loved ones

“Privacy and security of residential housing are the important concern issues for people in the world. Let’s see how to protect your house from others”

Privacy and Security are considered to be the big issues and firstly important for the people nowadays, not only the data privacy, but also the life and property safety, or even the safety of the residential housing. Because of the economic conditions right now, many countries worldwide are facing the problem of the COVID-19 pandemic, or the recession in the economy which have the great impact on many people who encounter the problem of the unemployment, the selling of the products at loss as well as the inadequate revenue despite the fact that they have the burdens of the expenses. Consequently, the problem of the robbery arises or those people who turn to be the thieves, the burglars, have been increasing in every corner of the world.

Majority of the people in Dhaka, Bangladesh mainly live in the high rise buildings because of the congestion of the population. The characteristics of the rooms in each floor will have only one room or will have many rooms on each floor with the different levels of the privacy and the security. However, even on that floor, there will be only your room, no guarantee will be provided that your room will be 100% safe or no intruders. Therefore, in order to protect you and your family members, your belongings, your property, it is necessary to look for something to protect you from such situations.

House privacy and security 2

It is very easy to solve this problem. You can protect your privacy and your security by changing the normal door lock to be the digital door lock because the one who can unlock the digital door lock, is required to scan the finger print and to know the setup unlock code.

Who are suitable to change the normal door lock to be the digital door lock?

In reality, the digital door lock can be used and is suitable for everyone in the family. The digital door lock can be used for the landed property house, the townhouses, the commercial buildings or the high rise buildings like the condominiums, the apartments. The digital door lock will be one thing to make the home owner feel comfortable and safe especially the people in Bangladesh who give the first priority to their privacy and their security.

However, if you still hesitate whether your home is suitable to have the digital door lock installed or not, you can try to see whether you have the following behaviors to make a decision.

1. Family Focus

Focus family

If you are a person who gives the first priority to your family for every activity in life, the digital door lock can solve your problem very well, particularly, if your family consists of your aging parents or your small children like the infants or the primary school children or even the housewives who are taking care of the children at home during the day time. The digital door lock can protect them from the intruders. You can confidently go to work without any worry. No problem of the privacy and the security for your loves ones when you are away.

2. Traveler


Since Traveling is very easy and convenient to do, there are many people like traveling in order reduce the tension and the pressure from their work or they would like to look for the new experiences for their lives by traveling, or some people like to learn the new cultures in other countries. Each time you travel, you will have to leave your house unattended for a certain period of time which can be short or long in each trip. Some people will have their relatives take care of their houses but for some people the whole family will go traveling. No one will be at home to take care of their house. This is a good chance for the intruders, the burglars to get inside your house to steal your personal belongings or your property.

The installation of the digital door lock which is very important can help you and can help those people who like traveling leave their house unattended happily for traveling. Your houses will be safe from the burglary for both property and people living inside the house.

3. Technology Savvy

Tech savvy

Those people who are technology savvy will not miss the latest technology of our digital door lock which can solve your problems and is better than the normal door lock in general. The digital door lock can confirm your identity of being technology savvy to other people since the door outside will be easily seen by other people or by your neighbors. It can reflect your top leader of the technology trend

4. You can have your room temporarily rent


You cannot deny that currently, before the pandemic of the COVID-19, Daily Renting or Short period of Renting for the travelers are common. Previously most of the people liked to stay in the hotels only. Consequently a number of those people who rent the rooms temporarily like Air BNB have been increasing.

By staying in the room for a short period of time, most of the travelers must go to get the room keys first from the landlords or some of the landlords must have the room keys hid or kept somewhere in order for the tenants to get the room keys when arriving and checking in.

With the abovementioned methods, after the pandemic of the COVID-19, it is not quite convenient to go to meet your tenants to hand over the room keys to them. It is too risky to get the COVID-19 infection. By hiding or keeping the room keys somewhere is not safe as well, it is possible that the room key could be lost as well. Maybe someone can go inside the room without permission to steal the things inside the room after the tenants checking out and not returning the room keys to you or to the landlords.

The digital door lock is one of the solution to solve your problems when having the rooms temporarily rented like Air BNB for instance because you can reset the door lock again after checking out of the room for the tenants. For the tenants, the landlords can communicate with the new tenants on social media in order to keep them informed of the unlock code for the door. If you would like to have or to increase more security and more privacy, you can change and reset the new lock code which is easier than buying the new normal door lock every time when the checking out of the tenants.

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