bathroom the natural style

Change the simple bathroom to be the inspired bathroom for the nature loving men.

“The selection of the nature style decoration is extremely simple which can help you feel relaxing and energetic in the morning every day”

The styles of the bathroom for the young men can be not only raw, cool or the serious color tone, but also the nature loving as well. After the whole day of hard working, the bathroom is the right place to relieve the tension in your body. You can take a rest in the bathroom and you can spend your time in the bathroom and enjoy the happy time in the surrounding ambience of the bathroom for those nature loving men who do not care much about the details. Let’s take a look the followings:


The selection of the ceramic tiles with the wood look and dark color tone design.

If you would like to get the cool and nature blend bathroom, you must choose the wood look design of the ceramic tile and the sanitary ware as well as the natural color tone of the bathroom. The selection of the dark color tone of the wood look design will provide you the classic feeling and the vintage feeling. You can make your bathroom more mysterious and charming by decorating the surface of your bathroom with the dark color tone material of the cabinet to control the earth color tone.


natural bathroom style


To add the touch of the nature to your bathroom, the color, the shape and the material as well as the earth color tone can be used to make your bathroom feel more comfortable and cozy. You can choose the sanitary ware with the curve design which will provide you the warm and gentle feeling.  The good things about the use of the wood look ceramic tiles, include the easy maintenance. You do not have to worry about the the problem of the fungi in the wet area of the bathroom.  If you would like to wake you up and make your body energetic and fresh before going to work, you can turn on the music from your record player or your gramophone.


The use of the natural materials for the accessories in the bathroom

For example, the log or the timber can be used as the stand of the wash basin instead of the ordinary stand or the closet. The wooden ladder can be used to hang the towels as well. You can feel the touch of the nature from the wooden surface when you use the wooden materials to decorate your bathroom which makes you fresh and lively when using the bathroom.  Please do not forget to put all the wooden decorative items in the dry zone e.g. in the area of the sanitary ware or the wash basin to prevent the wooden decorative items from the humidity.


natural bathroom


The installation of the Rain shower in the showering area

In addition to the bath tub which will help you relieve and relax while taking a bath, the installation of the shower – the Rain Shower type can help you extremely relax your tension and can definitely create the different ambience of the bathroom when being compared with other bathrooms.


nature of bathroom


With the new function of the Rain Shower, there are two types of the Rainfall function and Waterfall function for the Rain Shower.

  • The Rainfall function will provide you the drenched feeling of taking a bath in the rain.
  • The Waterfall function will provide you the feeling of standing under the waterfall.

Some models of the Rain Shower provide the LED lighting system which can be adjusted according to the mood while taking a bath which is suitable for you after finishing your sport. The Rain shower works as if you had the massage therapy machine at home.


Growing the indoor plants to refresh and rejuvenate your bathroom

Having a small garden in the bathroom will help you refresh your bathroom

  • The types of the indoor plants in the bathroom
  • The indoor plants that don’t need sunlight or need less sunlight.
  • The indoor plants must be humidity resistant
  • The indoor plants must be easy to take care of
  • The indoor plants should be small in sizes because they must be grown in the narrow space.

For example, Epipremnum aureum (Linden & André) G.S.Bunting, Sword fern or Boston Fern, Peace Lily, Albo – virens (Syngonium podophyllum), Spanish moss, Philodendron.


bathroom natural tree style


There are many ways to decorate your bathroom with the indoor plants for example, growing your indoor plants at the corridor of the bathroom. You need to separate the area for your indoor plants in the bathroom. Or you can decorate your indoor plants at any corner of the bathroom. Since the space of the bathroom is narrow and limited, the growing of the horizontal indoor plants or the vertical indoor plants can help make your bathroom close to the nature.


bathroom wildlife style


Less is More. No need to decorate more, just select the stone look ceramic tiles. It is good enough.

One of the alternatives for the workaholic men to decorate their bathrooms is the bathroom decorated with the stone look ceramic tiles. This is a good idea to decorate your bathroom. No need to take care of your bathroom much. You can be refreshed and can get close to the nature. This type of the bathroom is suitable for the bathroom with the dark color tone. You can add more natural design with the loft style materials.  This is one of the alternatives to decorate your bathroom.


green bathroom


The installation of the skylight roof can be made to have the natural sunlight.

In order not to make your home narrow and dull, the installation of the skylight roof can be made to have more sunlight. The bathroom will become bright and the shadow from the sunlight which reflects on the objects in the bathroom will make the objects in the bathroom more prominent and outstanding.  You can save your time. No need to open the window and the door to get rid of the humidity in the bathroom.  The skylight roof will receive the sunlight during the day time. The big skylight roof will make the bathroom spacious and airy. Everyone at home will feel comfortable when taking a bath.

This is one of the inspiration to design the bathroom with the natural style. Those young men who love peace can feel relieved and relaxing and would like to have their own private place to create the happiness for themselves after being tired from hard work for the whole day. We also have other ideas for you to decorate your bathroom. Please follow us on this website


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