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In such a situation of the pandemic of the Coronavirus-COVID-19, many people must stay at home. Many people will spend most of their time at home, we can say that almost 24 hours that people will spend together at home during this pandemic.

If we spend more time at home and look at the same old place, we can notice that many areas needed to be improved or renovated for better standard of living and the improvement and the renovation can solve all of our problems at home. One of the many places where we frequently use it, is the bathroom. Previously, the bathroom will be used twice a day in the morning and in the evening or at night after work we go back home or we use the bathroom for the whole day during the weekend. But if we have to use our bathroom often every day, our bathroom can become easily dirty and untidy as well as the normal wear and tear problems of the bathroom.

Because of these reasons, many people come up with the new idea to improve their bathrooms. For the renovation of the bathroom, we have many steps starting from Do it yourself renovation to advance renovation which requires the expert installers.

ZMARTBUILD will tell you how to improve your bathroom or how to renovate your bathroom from the beginning. For those who have the creative idea to improve your home, let’s study how to renovate your bathroom according to the pattern of our ZMARTBUILD.


To have the pre inspection of the overall bathroom before the renovation

Before the renovation of any location, you need to have the pre inspection of the overall bathroom first in order to set the working plan for example, either to acquire the materials for do it yourself renovation or for the renovation by the installers

The three major factors which must be taken into consideration for the pre inspection of the overall bathroom, include the survey of the problems or the defects of the bathroom, the survey of the customer’s requirements and the survey of the available budget.


To survey of the problems or the defects of the bathroom


renovate bathroom


You can open the bathroom and make a survey and inspect and check every corner of the bathroom. Look for the defects, the damages or the problems of the bathroom including the untidy areas or any places in the bathroom where can cause the possible injuries or the possible accidents to the homeowner. You can check from the list below.

  • Checking the flat areas of the bathroom for example the door, the wall, the floor and the ceiling. You must check whether all of these flat areas are damaged or dirty or even check whether the ceramic tiles are in the good condition, check whether the door knobs and the hinges of the door are still workable and can be properly used.
  • Checking whether the seat covers of the sanitary wares are in order and available, the faucets and the rain showers are in good condition and not loosen. They should be firmly held or fastened in place. The opening and the closing of the tap must be workable and must have no water leakage.

  • Checking whether the lighting in the bathroom is adequate and checking whether the bathroom is airy and ventilated and does not give the uncomfortable feeling.


To survey of the customer’s requirements


think of renovating bathroom


The requirement to improve or to renovate the bathroom does not mean that the homeowner just would like to remedy the defects of the bathroom, but to make a survey of the behaviors of the users including yourself as well as other people living in the house. Most of the people seldom spends most of the time with the family members together at home during this pandemic. The requirement of the bathroom has been changed rapidly or the new requirement of the bathroom takes place.

If you do not have any significant specific requirement, Let’s take a look at these tips of how to renovate your bathroom by adding more colors for your sanitary wares, or you can even change your bathroom to be the smart bathroom which will make your life easier and better.


To survey of the available budget


calculate bathroom renovation


The most important factor to determine the direction of the renovation of the bathroom in order to meet the requirement of the homeowners is the available budget. In order to ensure that the budget is adequate and enough for the renovation and the spending of the budget is not exceeding the available budget, you have to setup and specify the budget to include all the cost of the fixtures and the fittings of the bathroom as well as the labor cost of the installers.

Once you know how much of the budget you have, then you can take the defects of the bathroom and your requirement into consideration together and see which areas are needed to be improved and renovated.

Our recommendation, you can select to fix the areas in the bathroom where have the great impact on your daily life first for example, the defect and the damage of the sanitary wares, the broken ceramic tiles, since all of these defects can cause the possible injuries and the possible accidents to the users in the future. You can check the prices of the sanitary wares and the fittings on the websites for example

This website will include all the good quality products from COTTO, CHARU and other various types of well-known brands together with the details of the products and the prices so that you can make the decision to buy easily. Furthermore, you can order and buy the products online immediately.

Besides the products, if you have any plan to improve your floor or your wall or your partition, you are required to measure the size of the floor area in the bathroom in order to calculate the price and the working duration of the renovation.


Having the Do it yourself renovation for your bathroom


bathroom renovation by yourself


Once the surveys of the abovementioned required information have been done and completed, you may bring all the available information about the bathroom which you would like to improve or renovate to classify which jobs can be done by yourself in order to save your budget of the labor cost for example, the installation of the blind to separate the dry zone from the wet zone by using the blind, the changing of the electrical bulbs, the changing of the rain shower, the changing of the butt sprayer.


Renovation of the bathroom by the expert installers


zmartbuild bathroom renovation


Those people who would like to improve or renovate many places in the bathroom or to improve or renovate the whole bathroom, you can get the renovation done by the expert installers, like installation of the ceramic tiles, the changing of the sanitary wares and the wash basin, the installation of the hanging cabinet, the installation of the electrical wire.

You must have the rough idea or the rough design before having the installer renovate your bathroom. You can start from obtaining the pictures of the bathroom which you like to help you specify the Mood & Tone of the bathroom as well as gradually getting into the details of each of the fixtures and the fittings. Once you get the draft idea then you can approach and look for the expert installer to estimate for the possibility to renovate your bathroom and the budget before the actual renovation.  By the way, in order to have the bathroom meet your requirement in terms of the quality and the satisfaction, the signing of the contract must be done especially in the following terms and conditions:

– The working period in order to plan how to spend your daily life in the house during the renovation period.

– The brands of the products, the colors, the models in the case that the installer is the one who buys them for you.

– The inlet and outlet water system, the relocation of the location of the sanitary ware will affect the existing inlet and outlet water system. You should ask the installer team who helps you design and improve or renovate that you can relocate the location of the sanitary ware or not. You have to make sure that the improvement or the renovation must be done within the detailed scope of work which is responsible by the installers. The homeowner and the installers team must agree with each other.

– Site Inspection and Supervision during the renovation to ensure that the home improvement meets the customer’s requirement.

– Final Inspection after the completion of the renovation including the checking of the water system, the electricity system, the drainage system, must be done to ensure that all the systems are ready to be used by the homeowner before the handover of the bathroom renovation job to the homeowner.


step of bathroom renovation


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