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Can “Load Bearing Wall” install heavy stuff?

“Most of home owners usually worry about hanging heavy stuffs on wall like Television, picture frame, air conditioner or shelf, especially when they decide to use wall bearing such as dry wall, wall panel and fulfill wall. ” 


Undeniably every house has to drill the wall for hanging or installing electrical machines that have got heavy weight, unfortunately, they are often broken after finished installing caused from falling problem. In fact, this damage occurs from using wrong accessories and incorrect installation. Expansion Bolt is the most important accessory to support the weight of hanging load.


Expansion bolt has many sizes and several types so different wall solution needs different expansion bolt model. For accurate installation, size of electrical drill bit that you choose has to be equal to or a bit smaller than bolt size and you have to remind that a careful usage of bolt when working on process because damaged bolt impacts to strength of installation and load bearing.


How to select expansion bolt to match kind of wall and usability?


1.Plastic expansion bolt: 

– Brick and mortar wall, concrete wall
– Light weight load bearing


hanging heavy stuffs on wall like Television - Plastic expansion bolt


2. Butterfly-wing plastic expansion bolt with screw:

– Load bearing wall e.g. Drywall
– Size PT-13
– Maximum hanging weight 80 kg per point


hanging heavy stuffs on wall -Butterfly-wing plastic expansion bolt with screw


3. FMD special design steel expansion bolt that made from thin and sharp metal:

3.1) Light density wall like Wall Panel, Fulfill wall
3.2) There are 2 sizes up to thickness of wall
– FMD 6×32 –> Maximum hanging weight 20 kg per point
– FMD 8×38 –>Maximum hanging weight 50 kg per point


hanging heavy stuffs on wall -FMD special design steel expansion bolt that made from thin and sharp metal






Load bearing bolt comparison

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