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Home flooring to be the SPC Flooring

“Change your home flooring to be Elegant by quality product, SPC Flooring. It can be waterproof, fire-resistant and termite free”

If you are looking for the materials for the installation of the right flooring for your new home, or you are wanting to change the old flooring and get the new flooring, the most important thing you must know is that the various type of the materials used for the installation of the flooring. Once you know the various types of the materials, it will enable you to compare and contrast the characteristics and the appropriateness of the usability, the benefits and the weaknesses and the incurred cost which is not just only the price of the products.

There are various types of the materials used for the installation of the flooring. In some countries, there are plenty of materials used for the installation of the flooring. While other countries, there are limited types of the materials used for the installation of the flooring. This article will recommend you about the materials widely used for the installation of the flooring so that the home owners who are looking for the materials used for the installation of the flooring, will understand and have the adequate knowledge about the materials for their decision making for the selection of the flooring for their home.

Type of Flooring Materials

1. SPC Floor

SPC stand for stone plastic composite. The main materials of SPC are stone, plastic and additive. It’s mean strong like the stone but flexible like the plastic. In addition the surface of the SPC has the wooden texture.

Nowadays the various types of the designs of the SPC Flooring have been made and developed, the widely used SPC Flooring is the Wood Look Design SPC Flooring, which substitutes the Laminated Flooring. The SPC Flooring can resist water and moisture. There are many colors and many designs for the SPC Flooring. Previously, the SPC Flooring will be mainly used in the hospitals, however, nowadays, the SPC Flooring is also widely used in the office buildings and residential houses.

If you would like to change the flooring in your home give the natural and warm ambience, your budget may not be enough to spend for the real wood flooring. The SPC Flooring can be substituted and replaced efficiently because the SPC Flooring can resist water and moisture. The shrinkage and the expansion of the SPC Flooring are low. The SPC Flooring is easily and quickly installed as well.

SPC Flooring

2. Ceramic Tiles

The widely and well-known materials used for the installation of the flooring are Ceramic Tiles which can be easily bought with various colors, various quality, various grades and designs which can be used appropriately. In addition to these reasons, the ceramic tiles are durable and easily maintained and cleaned.

The mild and light colors of the large ceramic tiles should be used for the installation of the floor in the chamber hall. The overall ambience of the chamber will be wider, furthermore, nowadays, there are special characteristics of the ceramic tiles e.g. Hygienic Ceramic Tiles which are anti-bacterial tiles with the added silver Nano coating on their inner surfaces for an overall anti-bacterial and anti-fungal effect. As air circulates, the silver Nano coated surfaces contact with the silver ions which can resist any airborne bacteria, which in turn suppress the respiration of bacteria, adversely affects bacteria’s cellular metabolism and inhibits cell growth.

Ceramic tile flooring

3. Vinyl Tiles

A vinyl tile floor is often installed in commercial settings where high traffic is a constant, or where a clean or static-free environment is desired. It can also be a versatile and cost effective choice for any household. In the home, vinyl tile flooring is often changed where a significant amount of moisture is expected. It is also frequently used in remodels to replace higher maintenance flooring, like carpet.

Vinyl tiles are 100% made from PVC. The price of the Vinyl tiles is cheap. The Vinyl tiles which are highly elastic and flexible can be cut by a cutter. The installation of the Vinyl tiles with the click lock system are easily done. The Vinyl Tiles are durable and are water resistant.

Vinyl tile flooring

4. Granit Tiles

Granit tiles are smooth, compact full-body mixture of selected raw materials, this porcelain stoneware is as attractive as quarry granite, but even stronger and more resistant. It is a stone effect flooring that works best in large areas, being highly resistant to heavy foot traffic. Granit tiles are made to substitute the natural stones. If you would like to have luxurious look, the large piece of the Granit tiles should be used for the installation of the flooring. However, the shrinkage and the expansion of the large piece of the Granit tiles may take place and the large piece of the Granit tiles are easily cracked and peeled off.

Granit tiles are scratch resistant, shining, and heavy loaded. When you have the Granit tiles installed, the special types of the glue must be used for the installation. The dry method of the installation of the Granit tiles should be selected for better bonding and the long service life. The Granit tiles are easily maintained and cleaned; however, the Granit tiles will be slippery when the Granit tiles get wet. Other materials of the flooring should be used in the rooms for the older people or the children.

Granite tile flooring

5. Parquet

The Parquet is the floor composed of short strips or blocks of wood forming a pattern, sometimes with inlays of other woods or other materials.

The Parquet can be used for the part of the main floor of a theater, opera house, etc., that is between the musicians’ area and the parterre or rear division or, especially in the U.S., the entire floor space for spectators.

The Parquet Flooring gives the warmth and the natural look for your home once you change to use it. There are many grades and many designs of the Parquet.  Since the Parquet is made of wood, it will be difficult to maintain and clean the Parquet. The Parquet Flooring is neither termite free, nor moisture resistant. The Parquet Flooring is easily scratched. The special cleaning chemicals must be used for the Parquet Flooring.

The Parquet Flooring can be installed using flooring adhesive or nails. Available in a wide variety of colors and patterns, parquet tiles are a durable and relatively inexpensive flooring option that can enhance the appearance of any room’s décor. This article explains how to install parquet properly. When you have the Parquet installed, some space should be left between each piece of the Parquet and the room should be opened in order to initially have the good air flow.  Either the big piece or the small piece of the Parquet can be changed to use for the installation of the flooring of your home.

Parquet flooring

6. Engineered Wood Flooring

Engineered wood flooring looks very much like solid hardwood, but its construction features a relatively thin layer of hardwood like Oak wood, Ash wood, Beach wood, Afzelia xylocarpa wood, African Teak wood, Maple wood, Merbau wood, Walnut wood bonded over a premium-quality plywood layer that gives the flooring very good stability. The surface of the engineered wood flooring will be coated with UV Acrylic Lacquer. A good-quality engineered wood floor typically lasts 25 to 30 years, and it is both less expensive and easier for DIYers to install.

Engineered wood flooring

Why do you need to change your floor to be the SPC Floor?

The SPC Flooring is considered to be the new products for many countries including Bangladesh, hence in order to expedite your decision making, we would like to take this opportunity to bring you to consider the benefits of the SPC Flooring when being compared with other materials. Let’s take a look.

1. Water Resistant and Fire-Resistant

SPC can resist water very well or can be waterproof. The problems of the swollen wooden floor, the fungus floor, the slippery floor can be completely solved.  It is not only waterproof.

SPC flooring _ Water resistance

The SPC can resist fire as well as resist the sunlight very well which is different from the wooden floor for sure. If the floor is the real wood, the floor will be completely burnt. If less fire is set, it is still ok since we can put the fire out. Of course, not all fires can be put out. Sometimes fires get so large so quickly that it’s impossible to fight them with the usual firefighting methods. The characteristics of the fire resistance is the very important factor for SPC. The fire problem can be solved.

SPC flooring _ Fire resistance

2. Scratch Resistant and Impact Resistant

SPC Floor is perfect for high-traffic areas because of vinyl is scratch resistance. You may want to consider SPC Floor for the entryway of your home, kitchen, or bathroom because they see the most foot-traffic. In places of business or popular gathering spots, vinyl is often a common option because it can be easily replaced when needed, yet holds up against damages remarkably well until then.

When it comes to your home, with SPC you won’t have to worry as much about guests taking off their shoes because SPC doesn’t have to be preserved like expensive flooring. (Of course, dirt is still a cleanliness concern though!) SPC Floor allows you to live and let live with beautiful floors.

3. Termite Free

Since the SPC Flooring does not have the component of the real wood, the home owners will be headache-free for the termite problems. No need to use pesticide for termites since the SPC Flooring is termite free. You can feel comfortable for every step on the SPC flooring for your home once you change to use it.

4. Imitate Look of More Expensive Flooring

Why go over budget when you can easily imitate the look of expensive flooring through SPC? From a distance, SPC can be made to wood look-alike. If you’re trying to stay on budget, SPC floor can open a door of design opportunities that may not be available to you otherwise. For example, if you admire the aesthetic of hardwood floors, you can imitate natural plank flooring patterns. This option will cost significantly less than actually buying and having wood floors.

5. Easy to install

The SPC Flooring can be installed within one day only (for the area not more than 300 SQF). The SPC Flooring can be installed with the click lock system. The SPC Flooring can be installed over wood, concrete or, in some cases, existing flooring. However, subflooring should be clean, smooth, of high quality and as flat as possible.

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