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COTTO – The best sanitary ware & accessories made from Thailand are available on Daraz Bangladesh now!!

SCG Smart Build Bangladesh – We provide best sanitary ware & accessories under COTTO brand on Daraz Bangladesh, you will get the genuine products and special discount offer from direct manufacturer’

Nowadays, before making the decision to buy the products, most of the smart buyers will search and look for the additional information in order to compare the prices and the services rendered from the various shops. The best way to search the information is absolutely to search the information on the internet. After satisfactory searching the information on the internet, in the past, most of the customer will have to go out to buy the products from the brick and mortar shops. However, nowadays, most of the customers can do online shopping. Most of the customers can contact the shops through online or even the customers can obtain the one-stop shopping service through the various online platforms who are available to facilitate and offer the best services to the customers.


Cotto Bathroom Promotion Daraz Bangladesh


The outbreak of the Coronavirus, COVID-19 has changed lives and businesses around the world. The pandemic which has wreaked havoc on all kinds of businesses and industries, has urged the consumers to change their shopping behavior from the brick and mortar shops to be the online shopping. In Bangladesh, you cannot deny that the trend of the online shopping is coming and it is widely and commonly accepted.


Cotto Basin Sensation Collection


Most of the consumers can promptly buy and sell the goods on the online shopping platform without a face to face meeting in the real life. In Bangladesh as well, there are both local and global online shopping platforms which provide the services to the consumers in Bangladesh for example, Daraz, Evaly, Chaldal and Othoba. Besides these giant online shopping platforms, there are other small and medium online shopping platforms serving the consumers in the market as well. However, there are many factors which must be taken into your consideration before you make a decision to the select the best online shopping platforms.  The most important factor is the reliability of the online shopping platform.


Daraz is one of the online shopping platforms which is commonly used and very popular among the consumers in Bangladesh. Daraz has the user traffic for more than 4.25 million people (data as of June 2020). Daraz which is operated and managed under Alibaba is the giant global online shopping platform from China.


Besides, Bangladesh, Daraz is also the online shopping platform operated in many countries in South Asia e.g. Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Nepal or even Myanmar. Besides these, Alibaba has also entered the market in South East Asia to operate the online shopping platform under the name of Lazada.


Therefore, you can see that Daraz which is operated under the globally well-known online shopping platform – Alibaba is the reliable online shopping platform and has more experiences in the online business in various countries.


Cotto best seller showers


No surprise that many globally well-known brands in almost every category have decided to sell their products on this online shopping platform, including COTTO Brand, which offers the good quality of the products in the category of the bathroom and accessories which are well-known and popular and widely accepted in Bangladesh. The COTTO Brand has been sold on Daraz as well through the online channel of SCG Smart Build Bangladesh Shop (Click here for shopping genuine COTTO products & get the special discount here >>


SCG Smart Build Bangladesh, who is COTTO brand authorized in Bangladesh, is available on Daraz Bangladesh


Because of the upcoming trend of the online shopping as well as the outbreak of the Coronavirus, COVID-19, SCG Smart Build Bangladesh has realized of the importance of the selling of the products on this online shopping platform – Daraz in order to reach the vast and wide target audiences. We start to work firstly with Daraz Bangladesh which is well known and reliable online shopping platform in Bangladesh and Daraz is also trusted by the consumers in Bangladesh therefore, SCG Smart Build Bangladesh has decided to work with Daraz Bangladesh to open the online shop to offer the good quality of the products on Daraz.  


Cotto Shower Event


SCG Smart Build Bangladesh has operated on Daraz Bangladesh since early of June 2020 by offering the good quality of the products in the category of the Bathroom Sanitary Ware & Fitting under the global brand of COTTO which are manufactured by SCG and are imported to Bangladesh. COTTO is the global brand of sanitary ware and ceramic tiles and have been used and widely accepted in Bangladesh for many years.


We have specially selected the good quality of the products under the brand of COTTO to be sold on Daraz Bangladesh. The products under the COTTO brand which are innovative, can solve the problems of the customers during the outbreak of the Coronavirus, COVID-19. The products under the COTTO brand are the economically value products which are worth the money and affordable to buy for the customers in Bangladesh to enjoy their shopping


SCG Smart Build Bangladesh – Super Special Promotion and Discount products on Daraz Bangladesh


Now SCG Smart Build Bangladesh has offered the special items with the special promotion and the special prices on Daraz during the opening of the online shop on Daraz. Discounted more and more on top of the discounted price of the special items of COTTO LED BASIN FAUCET WITH LED, Luminos Series Material and COTTO Rinsing Spray Stainless with the details as follow:


  1. COTTO LED BASIN FAUCET WITH LED, Luminos Series Material 


Cotto Faucet Luminos Series CT1139A new
Cotto Faucet Luminos Series CT1139A


  • LED Light up during operation (without the use of external power source or battery)
  • LED revolves between 7 colors while using
  • Water – saving with no more than 6 liters/min
  • Made from high quality brass. Appealing design

Special Promotion!!!! 40% discounted from the normal prices of this item.


  1. COTTO Rinsing Spray Stainless
Rinsing Spray COTTO CT9901-SA - Bangladesh
Rinsing Spray COTTO CT9901-SA – Bangladesh


  • High quality from stainless steel 304
  • Durable handle and lifting up for continually water flow
  • 120 cm. twist free Hose
  • Prevent from leaking with Brass ring and complete with the spray hose hanger
  • Gentle water when using

Special Promotion!!!! 40% discounted from the normal prices of this item. Don’t miss it otherwise you will regret. Believe me!


Don’t hesitate, Click to BUY NOW in order to get the special privileges first!!!

Remarks: The products which are sold on the online shop of SCG Smart Build Bangladesh are the genuine products from the manufacturer directly. You can be ensured that the products which you ordered are the genuine products and door-to-door delivery guaranteed.



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