SCG Fiber Cement sheet Price in Indiamart

SCG Smartboard – The best fibre cement board is available on indiamart now!!

ZMARTBUILD – We provide the best fibre cement board on indiamart, you will get the best price of products and solutions from direct manufacturer


Nowadays, before making the decision to buy the products, most of the smart buyers will search and look for the additional information in order to compare the prices and the services rendered from the various shops. The best way to search the information is absolutely to search the information on the internet. After satisfactory searching the information on the internet, in the past, most of the customer will have to go out to buy the products from the brick and mortar shops. However, nowadays, most of the customers can do shopping online. Most of the customers can contact the shops through online or even the customers can obtain the one-stop shopping service through the various online platforms who are available to facilitate and offer the best services to the customers.


SCG Fiber Cement Board Price in Indiamart


In India, we cannot deny that shopping online is very popular, well known and widely accepted. Many giant local and global online platforms offer the service to the customers in India. Not only the big online platforms like indiamart, Tradeindia, Alibaba and Amazone but also many small and medium online platforms who provide either all areas service or focused area service. The selection of the online platforms depends on many factors which will be taken into consideration by the customers. One of the most important factors is the reliability of the online platform.

Indiamart is the online platform which is very popular among the consumers in India. indiamart has the visitors for more than 52 million visitors (data as of May 2020). Now indiaMart is the most popular Indian B2B e-commerce marketplace holding 60% market share of the online B2B Classified space in the country. Many giant brands in almost every category of the products make a decision to sell their products on indiamart platform as well as the construction and building materials like the fiber cement board which has been sold and post on indiamart as well.


ZMARTBUILD, who produces Fiber cement board under SCG brand, is available on Indiamart

The trend of online marketing to generate sales through online channels plays an important role in the business nowadays. ZMARTBUILD realizes that the online channels are the important channels to generate the sales. ZMARTBUILD has started and expanded the business opportunity to sell the products on these online channels in order to reach the various required target audiences. We will start with India markets where there are many strong and robust online platforms. Most of the consumers in India trust the online platforms in India. Especially indiamart which is one of the well-known platforms in India, gains trust from the consumers in India. Most of the consumers in India like to visit this online platform – indiamart to do shopping.  This is the reason why ZMARTBUILD has decided to open the online shop on indiamart online platform in order to offer the best quality of the products and the services to the customers in India.


 ZMARTBUILD has operated the business and has offered the products to the customers on indiamart in June 2020. ZMARTBUILD has started the business with the product category of the building materials on indiamart. The products include Fibre Cement Board, Wall panel, Decorative wall, Sanitary ware under the brands which are manufactured and imported to India with the details as follow:


  • SCG who is the leading manufacturer of cement and building materials in Thailand. The brand of SCG is well known and widely accepted by the customers in various countries in Asia.
  • ZMARTBUILD Wall Panel which is known as the brand of Q-Con Wall Panel in Thailand, the manufacturer and the distributor of AAC Panels and AAC Blocks
  • COTTO is the well-known and world class brand of sanitary wares and ceramic tiles.


ZMARTBUILD does not offer only the full cycle of the products in the group of building materials, but also offer the services and the technical assistance as well e.g. Estimation, Design consulting, Installation Standard and Inspection. We can say that if you come to shop the products of ZMARTBUILD on indiamart, you will obtain both good quality of the products and the services at valuable prices.


ZMARTBUILD – Fibre Cement Board on Indiamart

The first product which ZMARTBUILD would like to present on indiamart is Fibre Cement Board under SCG Brand or SCG Smartboard.  The primary data of the product is as follow:

  • Material Fibre cement
  • Usage/Application Internal, External / Ceiling, Wall, Floor
  • Segment Residential, Commercial, Industrial
  • Color Uncolored
  • Thickness 4 – 18 mm
  • Dimension 2440 x 1220 mm
  • Area North & East, West & Central, South
  • Price start at 24 INR per square feet (up to area)


Best Quality Fiber Cement Board in Indiamart






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