How to prevent from COVID by ourself

COVID 19 in Bangladesh – The more you touch public surfaces, the riskier you are

“Stop, Reduce and Avoid the public surfaces in order to stop the spread of the Coronavirus, COVID 19 in Bangladesh “


From the ongoing pandemic of Coronavirus, COVID 19, every country in this world has realized this problem and tries all means to prevent the spread of the outbreak of Coronavirus, COVID 19 and battle a pandemic in their own countries as well as maintaining a safe physical distance from anyone who is coughing or sneezing and avoiding crowded places and gatherings.


Do not touch your eyes, nose or mouth and clean your hands often by using soap and water, or an alcohol-based hand rub or hand sanitizer before eating or touching your food.Bangladesh’s GDP growth in last few years has averaged around 8 percent. However, this fast economic growth has been disrupted by the outbreak of the Coronavirus, COVID 19 in Bangladesh pandemic.


The entire Bangladesh has been declared as a risky area of Coronavirus, COVID 19 in Bangladesh infection under the country’s Infectious Disease (Prevention, Control and Elimination) Act, 2018, according to an order issued by the directorate general of health services (DGHS) on Thursday 16 April 2020.


Coronavirus Infections stayed low till the end of March but saw a steep rise in April 2020. In the week ending 11 April, new cases in Bangladesh grew 1,155 percent, the highest in Asia.


The aforesaid preventive measurement to fight against the Coronavirus, COVID 19 in Bangladesh should be taken as well. After the lift of lockdown, everyone must accept and practice social distancing or physical distancing or avoiding crowded places and gatherings which are considered difficult to do so especially in the big city like Dhaka which has the crowded population in the city.


Therefore the way to reduce or minimize the risk of coronavirus infections and to stop the coming back of the coronavirus pandemic is to reduce touching the public surfaces and clean your hands often with soap and water.


How to prevent COVID 19 Sensor Faucet
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No Touch, No Coronavirus, COVID 19 in Bangladesh

If you would like to stay away from the Coronavirus, COVID 19 in Bangladesh, you have to reduce the public surfaces. Will it be better if you can stop touching the public surfaces e.g. the faucet in the public toilet? Especially in the office or in the public area where many crowded people come to use it.


It is impossible for you to know who has the infections or who is infected by the coronavirus, COVID 19. You don’t know whether your hands contaminated with any bacterium or any viruses when you touch the faucet in the public toilet especially during this time of the Coronavirus, COVID 19. Everyone often cleans the hands with soap and water to reduce the risk to be infected by the Coronavirus, COVID 19.


If you touch the contaminated faucet after the infected people using it and you do not clean your hands with soap and water in a correct way. It is riskier to spread the coronavirus if you use your contaminated hands to touch your food or other equipment or touch other public surfaces or touch other people.


Using a Sensor Faucet by COTTO to solve your problems

COTTO, a long established well-known brand of sanitary ware, proudly presents the innovative products which can meet the customer’s needs and requirements during this time of the outbreak of the Coronavirus, COVID 19 in Bangladesh and in the world, COTTO’s Sensor Faucet with two types of our selection as follow:



AQUASOAP Faucet is the sensor faucet under COTTO brand which has been designed with the water supply system and the soap supply system in the same product. You can wash your hands without touching the faucet and pressing for the soap. This sensor faucet will automatically work with the superior function.


Cotto Aquasoap Atomatic Faucet CT548AC

Cotto Aquasoap Sensor Faucet CT548AC

Cotto Aquasoap No Touch Faucet CT548AC

Cotto anti COVID 19 Faucet CT548AC


The water supply system and the soap supply system with the automatic sensor will be controlled by the electricity system therefore it will be able to work continuously without any discontinuation. Furthermore the beautiful design will enhance the good image of the company and the organization of the customers.


2. COTTO LED Faucet

Cotto LED Faucet is the sensor faucet with the automatic water supply system which has been designed with advanced technology and elegance. The design of this LED Faucet has been inspired by the Fiber Optic operated with the complete and efficient function.

1.Extra chrome the 8 microns of Nickel-Chromium coat

2.NON WATER HAMMER: Protects water pipe from producing noise when turning off

3.40S SHUT – OFF: Water automatically turns off after running for 40 secs

4.ANTI GHOST EFFECT: Protects water from flowing itself

5.DOUBLE INFRARED BEAM: More accuracy with tow fold sensor

6.PLUG & PLAY: Ready to use after installation

7.MOSITURE PROTECTION: Water and dampness-resistant quality process sensor and circuit effectively


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The spread of the Coronavirus, COVID 19 in Bangladesh can be prevented and stopped if everyone helps one another. Not only the group of people but also the companies, the organizations, the shops, the restaurants can help prevent the spread of the Coronavirus, COVID 19 and can help protect your own employees and your own people by practicing the social distancing or physical distancing.      


No touch. No more COVID 19 by simply starting using the product which requires no touching of the product and no touching on the surfaces of the product especially often using like a faucet in the public toilet or in the public area. Let’s use Sensor Faucet to keep the virus away from the important people and from the ones you love.


SCG Group from Thailand are pleased to be the trustworthy manufacture who brings the good quality and innovative products to Bangladesh market. Do not hesitate to contact us if you need more information.

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