How to control building project delay from COVID 19 effect

Let’s fight PROJECT DELAY from Coronavirus (COVID-19) Pandemic in India by Zmartbuild Wall Panel

“Once Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) Pandemic in India Ends or Lockdown lifts,
All Developers must know:  How they can finish the existing Projects on time ? “


It is undeniable that whole world has certainly been concerned about the novel coronavirus disease (COVID-19) pandemic, with infected individuals of more than 2 million worldwide and the increasing death tolls, In order to prevent the spread of the novel corona virus, many nations had to take tough calls of lockdown or shutdown in nations.


Especially India, which is one of the concerned nations about the novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) Pandemic in India. It is certain that all walks of life and every sector has been affected by the lockdown policy. All the real estate and construction projects has been put on a halt as well. Consequently, after the novel coronavirus pandemic ends, a number of immense projects has challenge to finish project on time.


How to manage construction project delay during COVID 19 Pandamic
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The construction sector in Maharashtra which is one of the highly affected sectors due to lockdown, all real estate projects has been put on a halt or stopped.  Some of the labor workforces have migrated back to their natives. However, Proactively the Maharashtra Real Estate Regulatory Authority (MahaRERA) has decided to extend the validity period for registration of real estate projects, whose date of completion or for that matter extended completion date gets over on or after March 15, for a period of three months.


Challenges to be faced post lockdown lifts or novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) Pandemic in India ends…

The real estate sector is already languishing because of delayed projects, after resuming from the lockdown to work, everyone will try their best to solve the problems by mobilizing the labor and the installer to work for their projects. The solution to this problem can bring about the new problems either:


1. The scarcity of labor:

Especially skilled labor, everyone will demand for skilled labors to work for their projects. Some of the labor workforce who have migrated back to their natives during the lockdown are unable to get back to work in time.


2. Higher wage of skilled labor:
When the demand is high, it means that the skilled labor might have the bargaining power to negotiate for the higher wages or to choose the job site to work.


3. Higher risk to occur defect:

When the project makes a decision to use unskilled labor to substitute the scarcity of the skilled labor, the project must be willing to take some risks of the possible defects of the fault of the construction or the quality of the construction will be minimized which will consequently affect the solution at the end.


Resolving the problem by “Zmartbuild Wall Panel”

Is it better for you if you have other alternatives to solve the problems of the possible delay of the projects from Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) Pandemic in India? Besides the acquisition of skilled labor only.

“Zmartbuild Wall Panel” is the autoclave aerated concrete material that is suitable to be used for the partition work and to be substituted instead of clay brick or AAC Block since this is the solution that will help the partition work of your project to be finished and completed faster and efficiently.


1. Super faster wall panel  :

ZMARTBUILD Wall Panel - AAC Panel - Super Fast Wall
ZMARTBUILD Wall Panel – Super Fast Wall


2. Less chance for the wall to be fallen down :

The chance of the errors of the vertical installation of the ZmartBuild Wall Panel will be lower than the bricks and the AAC Blocks since the size of the ZmartBuild Wall Panel is bigger than the bricks and the AAC Blocks. Because of this coverage, the usage of the number of wall panels per partition will be less. Therefore the connection or the border of each unit of installation will be less also. We will have less problems. We will have no headache and there is no need for us to fix the problems after the completion of the project like the two materials – the bricks and the AAC Blocks.


3. Minimize cost, Maximize benefit :

There is no need for ZmartBuild Wall Panel to make the Lintel for the basic elements of the installation because the panel itself is reinforced with the steel in order to increase the strength of the panel and it can be installed upto the ceiling which is cost saving and material saving as well as the durability of the robustness of the partition. You can maximize the full benefits from the ZmartBuild Wall Panel.


4. Easy installation :

ZmartBuild Wall Panel Easily installed by groove and tongue, neither the special skill to install nor the skill Installer is required. Installer capacity is up to 15 sq.m./man/day

Furthermore, you don’t have to worry whether the installation of our ZmartBuild Wall Panel will be complicated or not, or whether your installer will know how to install our ZmartBuild Wall Panel or not. We have our own technical specialist team who is ready to help you at the project site and provide some technical assistance as well as the working process, the checklist which is the same standard provided. You can be ensured of the quality of our ZmartBuild Wall Panel and our service.


“Don’t worry about Project delay problem from Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) Pandemic in India, be happy with Super Speed Zmartbuild Wall Panel “


SCG Group from Thailand introduces – Zmartbuild Wall Panel to India market. It is the 3rd generation of wall material which helps project to save overall cost, faster construction by 4 times than traditional AAC Block wall and reduce chances of wall crack due to shrinkage. Our Zmartbuild Wall Panel is trusted quality product which is proved by over 3,068 projects around the world including mega projects in Thailand like Siam Paragon, Luxury shopping mall and Terminal 21 Korat, etc.


SCG – Zmartbuild Wall Panel compliance the Sever duty test according to BS 5234 Part 2 – 1992 from AIT – Asian Institute of Technology. This is a suitable product to construct a wall from domestic to heavy industrial applications. And the partition work of other types of buildings which requires partition grade at the level lower than the residential buildings.


So we are pleased to be the trustworthy manufacture who brings the good quality and innovative products to India market. Do not hesitate to contact us if you need more information.


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