Methods how to select the kitchenware for cooking lover

7 Methods how to select the kitchenware to match the requirement of the cooking lovers


If we would like to cook the food for our family or for our love ones, the most important factor which cannot be missed is the kitchenware. However, how we are going to select the kitchenware to match the requirement of the cooking lovers. Today our ZMARTBUILD has the Methods how to select the kitchenware for cooking lover in this article.


7 Methods how to select the kitchenware to match the requirement of the cooking lovers


  1. Characteristics and necessity to use

If you are the newbie housewives or the newbie house husbands who have just started to learn how to cook, one of the Methods how to select the kitchenware for cooking lover is the good selection of the good kitchenware is necessary. The good kitchenware must be designed to be user-friendly and convenient to use. For example, the cover of the pot or the side handles of the pot are designed for the cooker to obviously or easily see the food inside the pot.

The kitchenware is suitable for those people who have plenty of time or for those people who might be living in the area where there are no restaurants or no supermarkets or in the area where the food is sold very expensively.


  1. The Reasons why you should have the kitchenware

There are many reasons why you should have the kitchenware and should cook e.g.

  • You have plenty of time or you have the maid to help you or you want to make yourself happy.
  • You like cooking. There are many reasons why we should like cooking at least because of the followings:


7 Methods how to select the kitchen appliance to match the requirement of the cooking lovers


a. Fun and Happiness when cooking because we will concentrate on the food that you cook. Especially, when you have just started to learn how to cook the new recipe. You will have the concentration on cooking. This concentration can make you happy as well.

b. Pride- for example, especially when people who eat your food admire your food or appreciate your food like your husband or your wife or even your children. You can boast about your food as well.

c. Saving. If there are many members in the family. It is absolutely money saving and economical. As you know that most of the restaurants will enjoy the profit of selling their food at least 30-40%

d. Cleanliness- Cleaner and sanitary. Cooking at home is cleaner and better than outside food. You will be more careful and serious about cleanliness when cooking your own food.


Process how to select the kitchenware to match the requirement of the cooking lovers


e. Safety – Certainly at least when you cook you will use less monosodium glutamate or less contamination. The raw material for your own food will be more fresh as well.

f. More Tasty – However, it depends on your own cooking skill and the cooking skill of the nearby restaurant


  1. If you must have to buy. How you will start or what you will buy.
  • We recommend you to select the kitchenware which is necessary to have or which needs to have.

a.  Pots for boiling, making soup or curry (must have)(please see how to buy the pots) The size of the pot that you should have is the size of 20cm which is medium to small in general and convenient.

b.  Pans for frying, stirred frying. The pans which are convenient to use are the pans with the handles (both aluminum, steel and non-stick pans) which are quite expensive but easily cleaned without any food waste stuck on the pans. The size of the pans which is handy is the size of 28-30 cm.


Process how to select the kitchen utensils to match the need of the cooking lovers


c.  Spades of the frying pans, dippers, knives, cutting boards, we recommend you to buy the medium sizes of the spades of the frying pans and the dippers. Not too big or too small. When cooking, our hands will not contact the heat more which is near the stove or when the spades or the dippers with the wooden handles have been soaked into the pot for a certain period of time, the spades and the dippers will not be hot and your hands will not be hurt or burnt. For the knives, you should have at least two knives in the kitchen, the big knives for cutting the bones and the small knives for general cutting.

The wooden handles are better than the light baker handles which are not hot at all.

  • Which kitchenware is suitable for us?

a.  Will buy the stainless steel kitchenware or the aluminum kitchenware. (please check the advantage and the disadvantage of aluminum and stainless steel)

b.  You can buy the whole set of the kitchenware or buy the single piece of the kitchenware. We recommend you to start from the estimation of the number of the members in the family. If you are single and would like to have your own kitchenware, you can have only the 20cm pot with the two handles or the 18 cm pot with the long handle and the frying pan. This is good enough. For the newly wedded family, we recommend you to have at least three pots for cooking and warming the food and one frying pan. You should have the small pots with the sizes of 18 cm, 20 cm, 22 cm and the big pots with the sizes of 24 cm and 26 cm.

c.  Money Saving First and  the Best. Available all the time

Methods to select kitchen utensils for cooking lovers


  1. The characteristics of the stove at home

Each type of the kitchenware will be designed to accommodate the usage of the different types of the stove e.g. induction stoves or induction cookers, general gas stoves. The prices of the products will be different.

  1. Convenience and Durability

To be worth your money, you should look for the kitchenware which is manufactured according to the world accepted standard.  Especially the coated pan with the longer service life of the normal pan. In addition to this, the specially coated pan will help you save your time for cooking since the coated pan can help you in terms of the heat distribution on the pan.

  1. Maintenance and Cleaning

When you have your kitchenware cleaned, you should avoid the polishing equipment or the cleaning equipment with the rough fiber in order to extend the service life of the kitchenware. You should have your kitchenware cleaned and washed every time after use.

  1. Price

When you select your kitchenware to match your usage, you also have to take the price factor and the worth your money factor into consideration as well.

how to select kitchenwares

When you know these Methods how to select the kitchenware for cooking lover, our ZMARTBUILD hopes that those cooking lovers will have some ideas in buying the kitchenware to match their requirement. However, if you still cannot think of what kitchenware to buy, you can visit our ZMARTBUILD to shop for the kitchenware.