modern-style house reference for tropical countries

Modern-style house design for tropical countries

“Many people want to have a modern-style house as it looks cool and stylish. However, it is questionable whether this house style that originated from cold or temperate countries is suitable for tropical countries weather which is extremely hot and rainy or not. Before you make a decision, let’s get to understand the background of Modern Style first.


modern-style house idea for tropical countries


Modern-style houses are influenced by the Industrial Revolution’s in Europe which emphasize on making the most of resources and labors. “Less is more” is a definition of simplicity in design.


The elements of modern-style houses comprise of simple geometric shapes. It is usually in the shape of a rectangle as it can utilize the space efficiently. Furthermore, decorations such as molding and cornice are not necessary.


Modern-style houses always reveal its structure and the nature of the materials. Even if using a metal or wood sash, it should not be painted and coated by oil colors.


This is a way to appreciate natural beauty and “respect for the environment”.


Modern-style houses always show its structure and the nature of the materials. No color painted.


It can be seen that modern-style houses in international magazines are normally in the shape of square and have large windows to make it look comfortable. Also, roofs are simple and flat with no eaves or don’t even have roof at all.  This is because of the cold weather; the houses are designed to store the sun’s heat and can receive full sun in winter.


Wood modern-style house design for tropical countries


 Meanwhile, you should consider factors when building modern-style houses in tropical countries as well. If you want to have a large window in your house, you should determine the sun’s direction and ensure that room will not encounter sunlight directly. You may install fin sunshades, extend the roof eaves, or plant trees for shading.


modern-style house design for tropical countries


Another factors to consider is the pattern of the roof. Naturally, the hot air will float upward so a high roof design is suitable for houses in a tropical zone as it allows the heat to move up to the top of the roof.



A high roof makes your house cooler and helps drain water or rain away. Therefore, modern style with a flat roof design might cause a high energy consumption and water leakage, which is contrary to the concept of respect for the environment.


If an architecture is expert in modern house design, it can be easily designed to harmonize with Gable roof and Hip roof. The elements of the modern house come in many styles: lines, geometric shapes, the simplicity of exterior and interior architecture. Moreover, selecting thin and flat roof tiles is important as it makes your house looks modern as well.


modern-style house reference for tropical countries


Nowadays, there is a modern house design for tropical countries, is called Modern Tropical. It adapts and uses local materials in each country. Tropical regions are located all over the world, not just in Asia. Thus, Modern Tropical in each region may differ to blend harmoniously with the environment.


Modern house temperature
To install a glass window pane, you should consider the environment and weather.


This is agood solution for those are interested in a modern-style house that is compatible with living.





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