Best House lighting decoration ideas

8 ideas for house decoration, lighting for every relaxing corner

“Let’s discover 8 ideas for house decoration, lighting for every relaxing corner. Change your boring house to be warm & lively home that you will love.


House lighting ideas


1. House idea, facing the light … reflect the heat


Adjusting a backside of a house which is connected to other house, narrow, and not so much ventilation, by make a lighting hole. Then make a cement 20-25 centimeter depth pond to reflect a light for a bright. The reflection from the water will make an exquisite shade on a wall. Adding few plots of pants and then there is one more perfect natural relax corner for your house.


House lighting for relax corner ideas
turn bed’s head board toward a window to get a morning light


2. House idea, camouflage … great relax

A relaxing corner outside a house in a north is not too hot in a morning and the house will give it a shade in an afternoon. Try to make a wall from block cement with a beautiful pattern which give some cover but still let some light go through. Lastly, place some wooden chairs and comfort cushion and there is a relaxing corner for a whole day.


House lighting plan for relax corner

House lighting in bedroom idea
Idea for making a hole on smart board to make a delicate pattern and then attach a glass on it giving a great pattern of light.


3. House idea, comfort sleep… in light shade

Try to adjust your bedroom to get a morning light which get through a fluttering curtain and wake you up. Double layer curtain could be used as well if you want more privacy


4. House idea, not wet not too moisture … because a light

A bath room with brown or natural color make it seems smaller. Installing a skylight will give a maximum lighting. For more ventilation, a folding window is also very convenience.


5. House idea, lighting … look through a light

Making a hole in a ceiling to let a light shine to house main hall and make a terrace upstairs is not only look beautiful but it also reduces energy consumption for your house. If you a transparent make you uneasy, a semi-transparent or color glass could be use instead


6. House idea, spacing … for lighting

Make a section for a big window and the window will not seem to be too high. Further, a window with delicate patter and tradition color glass is interesting small decoration idea. A delicate patter hole on smart board with a glass attached will give an interesting shading as well.


7. House idea, terrace … dim light

Transform chilling corner in a back of your house into Sun Room by installing translucent polycarbonate roof on a metal framing and then add a bench of swing for you to enjoy either day or night.


8. House idea, ceiling … lighting

Try translucent fiber glass roman roof tile instead of normal tile to let a light go through and reflect on wall and floor to get a different feeling for a room.


House lighting decoration ideas
SCG Experience has a principle design to use more natural light but reduce a heat by using cooling system under the light hole.


Best House lighting decoration ideas
Translucent roof change a room atmosphere with a sun light






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