How to repaint SCG Wood Plank wall to keep it new

Q&A: How to repaint the SCG Wood Plank to keep it new

“Wood Plank Lath gives you a natural vibe. It helps filter the sunlight, make your house look fresh, and blend well with the outside area.


How to repaint Wood wall to keep it new


Look at your wall and partition, is its appearance still the same as 5-10 years ago? You would like to keep it or change to the new one as to rejuvenate your house.When you want to change something with your wall, the color is the easier way to do.


The SCG Wood Plank (which we call SCG Smartwood) is easy to switch up the look in order to make it more pleasant to the eyes, we recommend using the coarse sandpaper to scrub the old paint so that the surface becomes rough (creating texture) since the old paint is quite oily itself. After that, dust it out and wipe it clean.


If any holes found on the SCG Wood Plank, please use the wood filler to fix that. Then paint it with the wood primer twice. Once the primer is dry, paint it over with the acrylic paint (once or twice depends on how opaque you want it to be).


Once again, wait until it’s completely dry. Voila! Now you get the new shade of SCG wood which is ready to be used.


How to repaint SCG fiber cement wood board to keep it new
Using the coarse sandpaper to remove the old paint


How to repaint SCG Wood substitute to keep it new
Using primer twice after cleaning and waiting until it’s completely dry.


How to repaint SCG artificial wood plank to keep it new
Painting with acrylic paint once or twice as opaque as you like


SCG Wood plank for wall decorative - Denmark

SCG Wood substitute - Denmark

SCG Wood plank wall inspiration

SCG Wood plank for outdoor wall - Denmark

SCG Wood Plank - Denmark

Car park decoration idea by SCG Smartwood

Car park by SCG smartwood site reference

*Please note that this way is only suitable for the fiber cement wood* 






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