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Simply take away the heat in your house with SCG ventilation ceiling system

“The first step in reducing the heat in your house should start from the roof. A well circulated roof system with ventilation ceiling can significantly take away the heat accumulated under the roof, while the owner should also consider well on how to prevent insects from going in beneath.


Speaking of the ventilation ceiling system, many home owners might be left wondering why they would have a ceiling with ventilation system that can lead to problems like insects or unsanitary.


However, not only this system keeps your roof ventilated, but it also helps in taking away the heat underneath the roof; making it perfect for houses in tropical areas.


SCG Ventilated Board Site reference

Fiber Cement Board for Ceiling system
SCG Ventilation System. It can help reduce heat from your house


What many home owners do not know, is that over 70% of the heat entering their house come through the roof. It is no wonder why the roof is the best place to start in cooling of the house.


With heat naturally rises to the higher area, houses with taller roof are better in keeping the heat away from the living space underneath it (Which is why the upper floor tends to be hotter).With that being said, ventilation is much needed for all the heat accumulated under the roof, and one of the best ways is to install the ventilation ceiling system.

How to reduce heat from house - SCG Ventilation system
Ventilation System


Ventilation ceiling system comes with holes made for cool air to circulate in and replace the heat underneath the roof, significantly bringing down the temperature under the roof. This is a very effective way to make your house cooler.


 The system comes with a wide selections of design, and fits for every need of any home owner. Users can get creative, mixing designs and creating new patterns, perfect for any appearance the user desires.


 Other possible options are to use wooden battens or use SCG Smartwood Eaves liner series.

SCG Fiber Cement Board Ventilation Series - top quality fiber cement board ventilation
SCG Smartboard Ventilation Series, made from high quality fiber cement for ceiling application


SCG Fiber Cement Board Ventilation Series Site reference
SCG Smartboard Ventilation Series (Left) and SCG Smartwood Eaves Liner (Right)


By this point, home owners probably establish a good understanding of the benefits the ventilation ceiling system.


Not only it helps making the house cooler, but it also helps greatly in reducing the electricity consumption. With that being said, one should always consider about preventing insect problems when using the ventilation ceiling system or wooden battens, which home owners have the options of putting in wired screens or using ceiling system with pre-installed wired screens.


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