What is the Difference Between Artificial Wood Decking and Natural Wood Decking

The Difference Between Wood Substitute Decking and Natural Wood Decking

“Here, we show The Difference Between Wood Substitute Decking and Natural Wood Decking. Let’s see which one is the right choice to you 


Real wood decking vs wood substitute decking


“Wood Substitute” or “Fiber Cement Wood” or “Artificial Wood” is a material that is produced to replace wood. The installation process is different from natural wood in terms that the natural wood can be installed by nailing on the wood joist (Screws can be used to fastened the wood if the wood is soft).


Artificial wood is installed by fastening screws to steel or attaching wood to a finished lock. It can be placed on cement floors with adhesive cement, in the same way as placing tiles, by using screws and plastic anchors to help secure the floor.


The benefits of SCG wood substitute over real wood

Difference between real wood and wood substitute decking installation

From the above picture:


Real Wood (Lumber):
– The screw head is larger than that of the nail, so the screw head needs to be concealed.


Wood substitute (Fiber Cement Wood): 
– Ready-made coloring from the factory, the colors are durable.
– Ready-to-use after installation
– Install over cement floor with cement adhesive just like ceramic tiles. Use anchor bolts and fix with screws.


Wood synthetic decking is an alternative to replace real wood when you want to decorate your house by keeping natural style. Don’t miss pick up this materials to be one of your choice!! 





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