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How to keeping house cool with SCG Wood Plank

“If your house is located in Tropical or another zones which have quite long summer season, let’s see an alternative material as to be your choice to keep your home become cool. Here, we show How to Keeping a house cool with SCG Wood Plank


The summer season in some country lasts quite long. When the sunlight reflects on the brick wall, the heat can be transferred into the house. One of the solutions to reduce the heat is to install a steel-frame SCG wood plank, attached to the wall that must be exposed to the sun regularly, especially on the westside. In this way, the SCG wood plank will be an area that is exposed to direct sunlight firstly.


The sun’s heat will be stored in the air passage and transmitted through the wall into the house. Another effective way to keep your house cooler is to install insulation. In addition to reducing the house temperature, these solutions help reduce power consumption of air conditioner and are wall decor ideas that add style to your house.


There are 2 wood plank installation methods to protect your home cooler, you can choose a proper one which macth with your house.

How to install wall insulation with wood plank

How to keep house cool with wood plank - How to install wall insulation


From the above picture:

1. Installing a steel frame SCG wood plank and attaching them to the wall

2. Insulation and steel frame SCG wood plank installation


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