How to use woodplank for balcony

Natural touch to your balcony with “SCG SMARTWOOD (wood plank)”

“Several decoration ideas with “wooden flooring” suitable for exterior use. Since apart from natural and warm touch, it is easy to maintain and lower in price than real wood making your home a relaxing space for every special day. “


      “Balcony”, one of top spots home owners choose as relaxing space on a nice day for a party or coffee corner to appreciate view on a chilling day. We have some good ideas to decorate your balcony to have warm, relaxing and natural-feeling atmosphere.


       Apart from appearance, flooring materials for outside balcony should have good durability since it has to withstand sunlight, wind and rain. Artificial or synthetic wood is an optimal choice since it provides natural warming touch and ease of maintenance. It is lower in price than real wood making your home a relaxing space for every special day.


SCG Wood Plank site reference
Creating relaxing spot on terrace with natural touch by SCG Smartwood (Wood Plank) flooring with refined wooden pattern having real wood touch.


SCG Wood Plank balcony site reference - SCG Smartwood
Linking nature outside to inside the house with large terrace having only crystal clear sliding glass door served as entrance. Key decorative materials are wood as T-clip SCG flooring, synthetic lath and wood furniture to create relaxing atmosphere.


SCG Woodsubstitute for floor
Wood plank balcony near nice garden with Natural Beech T-clip SCG flooring giving harmonious and warm feeling with surrounding atmosphere. Colorful bag beans are in place to sit and listen to birdsong and appreciate nature around you.


SCG Smartwood balcony wood plank
Open air deck area decorated by Basic SCG wood plank flooring. Small and large sized tiles create vibes to the sea. With bag beans on the floor, you will have relaxing and serene private space next to the beach.


SCG Smartwood Wood Plank for outdoor use
Small balcony next to a pool is adorned with Natural Beech T-clip SCG flooring. With near life-sized flooring and real wood surface, color and pattern, it can brighten up pool side adding natural touch to modern-designed house.


How to select wood plank for your balcony
Transforming small space on pool side to chilling area which is closer to nature with Natural Beech T-clip SCG flooring and wood furniture.


Quality Wood substitute site reference
Adding external resting area by elevated balcony decorated with Basic SCG flooring sparing space for existing tree to grow to have cool and pleasant shade for this relaxing area.


SCG Wood substitute for flooring decoration
Transforming empty area next to your house to be chilling walking path with Basic SCG flooring with small garden to brighten up this space.


SCG Smartwood decoration site reference
Transforming this small space to be shining seat area with charm of wooden materials with shading from dark lath and chairs lined by wooden pattern to brighter tone with BASIC SCG flooring glazed to create vintage look. Small plants and flowers are added to harmoniously create relaxing space.





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