How to choose ceiling to match house style

Decorating ceiling to match your house’s style

“Examples of design and decoration of ceilings and application of materials to create unique atmosphere which matches diverse styles of house.  “


          Ceiling plays a great role in image and beauty of the house.  We can design it and apply any materials to create unique atmosphere which matches diverse styles of house.


         Ceiling with modern-designed house In this design, ceiling is simple and shows veracity of materials. Every detail is focused to get overall outstanding compositions of modern design.


Modern ceiling board style
Modern-designed living room has simple lines but outstanding look with grey wall board having uneven surface to create dimensions. It goes well with double-space gouged fiber cement ceiling which creates impression that the room is spacious.


Natural ceiling for decoration
Empty ceiling to show wilderness and trendiness of modern loft design. The ceiling is decorated by casting concrete roof from woven mat with unique pattern below. When the concrete dries, you will get interesting ceiling patterns. Venue: Courtesy of Fuel in the Blank


Ventilated Ceiling board for modern house
Modern-designed house with exterior details added by installing sunshade lath. Eave ceiling is white air ventilation ceiling which goes well with modern design and ventilates heat from the house.


Ceiling with natural-designed house Architects always design and select materials which are harmonious with nature; natural substances such as real wood or artificial materials such as artificial wood or synthetic wood which replace real wood but is more durable and easier to take care. 


Modern Natural wood ceiling board
Bedroom which is harmonious with nature using wood replacement materials from ceiling, walls to flooring. Wooden ceiling is installed on gables to create dimension to room space and harmony with nature.


loft ceiling board site reference
Bedroom from wood structure; decorated with pale wood pattern materials. Gouged fiber cement board was installed along slope of the roof making this small space more spacious.


Ceiling with contemporary-designed house This style focuses on plainness which is not too daring. There are appropriate mixtures between modern and old materials to create warmth and friendliness for relaxation. 


SCG ceiling board for bedroom
Bedroom which has simple and private atmosphere suitable for relaxing. Tone of the room is white but walls have decorative materials to bring out dimensions and simple pattern to create gimmick to the ceiling by using even-rim and gouged fiber cement board. Outside, there are sunshades to filter sunlight and create privacy.


SCG wood plank smartwood for ceiling
Contemporary-designed house has wall board with air ventilating hole installed at gable and eave ceiling to reduce heat for the house. The poking eave can efficiently prevent sunlight and rain water.


Ceiling with contemporary Thai-designed house This design portrays Thai vintage style with a contemporary twist. Simple tones such as white and warm-feeling natural color are always a top choice for this design.


Modern Thai ceiling board decoration idea
Bedroom in Thai traditional style with wooden floor and ceiling with multi-patterns made from even-rimmed and gouged fiber cement board and flooring and balustrade outside in wooden pattern for harmony and continuity of feeling with decoration inside the room.


Loft ceiling decoration idea
The bedroom was decorated in Thai-contemporary style with wall lined with fiber cement board installed in louver design like traditional Thai house. Even-rimmed fiber cement board with indirect lights helps create dimension and features to the room.


Ceiling with classic-designed house The house has roomy and luxurious space with unusual high ceiling. Step ceiling is with indirect lights add dimension to the room. Moreover, luxury ornament items as chandelier are installed to advance extravagance.  


Luxury ceiling decoration idea
Bedroom with neat details has split-level fiber cement ceiling with holes and indirect lights. The chandelier uplifts western mansion extravagance style.


ceiling board for luxury decoration
Classic living room with roomy white fiber cement ceiling added dimension with split-level brownish ceiling brightened by gigantic chandelier and European style furniture set enhancing luxurious atmosphere to it.


Ceiling system for tuscany house
Western classic house with mix-toned terracotta roof creating outstanding look. Eave ceiling was made from lath with gouge for air ventilation under eave. The ceiling was painted in beige for harmony with the house’s design.





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