How to escape fire from the building infographic

What to do in the case of a fire?

Let’s see what are important things you should do or avoid once in case of fire and Let to know types of Fire Resistance Wall


What to do in the case of a fire?

1. Do not take time to try and save belongings. Compose oneself and quickly leave the place as soon as possible.

2. Get down, get low, get out – Avoid inhaling the smoke, use wet towels to cover your mouth and nose, try to stay low and leave through fire exit.

3. Do not use elevators in case of fire. Use fire escapes or exit stairs.

4. If clothes catch fire, do not sweep or run away. Must stay still and drop to the ground then covering their face with hands to avoid facial injury and finally, roll on the floor to extinguish the fire.

5. Shut the doors or window in fire room to stop the spread of fire and smoke. You must ensure no one is inside then Get out

6. Once you meet door, carefully check knob’s temperature before opening by touching the back of the hand on it. If it is hot, do not open due to fire nearby area.


Type of Fire Resistant Wall

Furthermore, building design and materials used decision in construction are also one of the crucial factors that could prevent fire.Wall is the one of key important components for building. It should be fire protection for 30 to 120 minutes. The details are shown in the picture below.


Fire protection component - Fire resistance solution


The different fire resistance wall materials specify different performance criteria. There are many wall systems that could be fire protection up to 120 minutes, for instance, Brick Masonry, Light weight concrete block, Gypsum Drywall, Fiber cement drywall, Light weight panel. However, in case of fire, the most important thing is the time limit of fire resistance which can prevent structure enough to give people to escape from building.

Today we would like to introduce 3 of fire resistant wall system which provides peace-of-mind and safety


Fire Resistance Wall by SCG


1. Gypsum Drywall: is a lightweight wall system that composed of Fire Resistance Gypsum Board installed with galvanize frame and put insulation between spaces as to increase fire prevention efficiency. Wall system that be installed by Fire Resistance Gypsum Board 2 layers, it can protect fire up to 120 minutes.

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2. Fiber Cement Drywall:is a lightweight wall system that composed of Fiber cement board installed with galvanize frame and put insulation between spaces as to increase fire prevention efficiency. However, the different insulation type specify different protection performance.


3. Wall Panel:or Autoclaved Aerated Concrete (AAC) is wall system that composed of lightweight, steel reinforced, groove and tongue panels. It is non-combustible which up to 4 hours fire rating and outstanding thermal and acoustic insulation qualities.





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