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Artificial wood – Beauty with durability for your house

“Nowadays, most of the time wood is the first choice for house building material such as floor, wall, or for decoration. Some people like wood but never be sure about their durability. There are some concerns; if the wood will decay if continuously expose to sun light and rain. The wood also might be chipped by a termite even with a “Anti termite chemical” because it effectiveness still questionable. Therefore, artificial wood like fiber cement is considered.”


Artificial wood’s durability

Artificial wood’s durability has an advantage to wood and are known as intelligent building solution. The fiber cement wood is a mixture of cellulose fiber and cement which is heated with high temperature and pressure and is an eco-friendly building solution. As a result, it has high durability whether it is sun light, rain, impact, and even the termite (because it is not a wood)


SCG termite resistance artificial wood
Termite, house archenemy, house being consume by termite


picture source: http://science.howstuffworks.com


artificial wood for wall decoration
Fiber cement wood wall with acrylic paint on top


artificial wood for flooring
Brown splinter pattern fiber cement wood (Pre-painted color)



The artificial wood, which is one of the best building materials could be used in many applications for indoor and outdoor whether it is floor, wall, cornice, fence, batten, and eave board. It is very easy to maintenance the artificial wood compares to those woods which is need to be coated every 6 months or year and it is also cheaper. Moreover, the artificial wood has a lower expansion and contraction when facing with moisture, and various temperature.


Fiber cement wood seems to be a good for building productschoice but many people might hesitate and wonder if it could give the same feeling like the real one. So, it might be a choice between durability or beauty.



Fiber cement wood has many kinds of texture to choose such as smooth texture like shiny polished and coated plywood, and wood like texture. Normal texture of non-pre-painted fiber cement wood will be gray which need to be painted with primer before painted.


Some of the fiber cement wood will be heated with a primer from the factory, there is no need for a primer and it could be painted with acrylic pain. Furthermore, there are pre-painted fiber cement wood which is made with special heat treating for the paint to have high durability.


This pre-painted wood is very convenience because no paint is needed and there is no need to worry about peeling paint. 


Fiber Cement Wood’s Pattern

For a pattern, fiber cement wood with “wood like pattern” might could not compare to some real wood which have a unique natural patter. However, for a “Splinter wood pattern”, if paint with a skillful painter, it’s pattern will be exquisite and almost like the real one.


There are factors to consider before choosing texture, pattern, and color of fiber cement wood. For example, pre-painted fiber cement wood comes with less color options, for more specific color a plain one might be a choice and then paint it with desired color.


Anyhow, artificial fiber cement wood has fewer shape, size, width, thickness to choose than a real wood and because fiber cement wood is less flexible it could not be use as structure such as a floor beam or framing (while hardwood could).


If a fiber cement wood will be used for flooring, a framing must be as the manufacturing standard which need more tighten framing than a framing for real wood. 

These external wall boards are long lasting wall boards.


SCG artificial wood for fencing
Artificial fiber cement wood could be used for many application; flooring, wall, ceiling, and eave board.


SCG artificial wood for house decoration






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