SCG artificial wood usage

Where can artificial wood be used?

“With the touch and natural feeling “wood” is all time favorite material”


         Nowadays, there are wood replacement production which is known as “synthesis wood” or “artificial wood” ” which are often known as intelligent building solution. It could be used instead of wood for both interior and exterior use for lath, lid, wall decoration, floor, crown molding, soffit, eave board, fence. It could also be used as a lath or bind lath with no less beautiful than real wood.


         Another important thing is weight capacity and flexibility which are deferent from real wood. So, it is not recommended to hold a lot of weight such as structure ex: pillar, house beam, joist, roof batten and rafter , and other building products or building materials. Also, not recommended as a wood flooring. Artificial wood is more suitable as a floor decoration. If it is place above 50 cm from ground, it is recommend to be place on a concrete floor for a strength and safety.


SCG artificial wood usage inspiration
A lath decoration covers a pillar, or a blind lath as a partition and for more privacy


artificial wood application idea
use as a box for plant plot or decorate vertical garden’s wall with pattern of artificial wood.


SCG artificial wood Site Reference
Artificial wood decoration for a relax corner in natural garden


SCG artificial wood installation
Artificial for space decoration and blind lath with a hold to place a small flower plot.






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