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The Difference between SCG Smartboard and SCG Smartwood (Fiber Cement for Flooring)

“Fiber Cement” is widely known as a wood substitute for wall plank, floor plank, lath and plywood. However, fiber cement has some limitations for certain usages, such as flooring system, in particular, since it requires high weight tolerance. 


Smartwood Floor Plank - SCG wood substitute floor


SCG Smartboard for Flooring and SCG Smartwood Floor Plank are fiber cement material, made from high quality materials such as, SCG cement, pure silica and cellulose fiber.


With their tolerance of weather, SCG Smartboard and SCG Smartwood are practical for both interior and exterior usage. They are moisture resistant, fire resistant, making them tolerant of bending, rotting and termite. Due to their absence of asbestos, they are safe for respiratory system.


SCG Fiber Cement board for floor
Installing joist and structural bar on SCG Smartboard floor


1. Fiber Cement for Flooring : SCG Smartboard

Smartboard’s standard size is at 120 x 240 cm. The most used SCG Smartboard is 1.6, 1.8 and 2.0 cm, with 30-40 cm. of joist space. The structural bars need to be perpendicular to joists at every 120 cm for a better support SCG Smartboard’s length to be able to endure weight of 200 – 500 kg (depending on joist space).


The installation is easy. This lightweight fiber cement flooring system is suitable for any construction work with limited construction time. It also makes the main structure lighter.SCG Smartboard is usually used with decorative materials, such as laminate, parquet, and ceramic tiles for beauty purpose.


You can show off the bare texture of SCG Smatboard by cleaning its surface, applying primer onto the surface and then applying 2 coats of epoxy, acrylic or silicone in order to prevent scratches.


2. Fiber Cement for Flooring : SCG Smartwood Floor Plank

SCG floor plank is most suitable for decoration. It has almost the same width as the authentic wood, which is 10, 15 and 20 cm. Each plank is 300 cm. long and 2.5 cm. thick.SCG Smartwood has natural wooden pattern, no need to be coated with decorating materials. 


The 2 models are:


Basic model. SCG Smartwood Floor Plank in basic model comes with primer as its base; therefore, it needs to be covered with SCG acrylic floor paint for fiber cement for the shiny, and scratch and weather resistance properties.


SCG Smartwood T-Clip. T-Clip model has factory-grade color with peeling resistance property.


SCG Wood substitute for floor
SCG Floor Plank Basic (up) SCG Smartwood T-Clip (down)


For installation, SCG Smartwood needs to be installed on concrete floor or on joists with space as follows:

– SCG Smartwood plank 20 cm. width should be installed on joist with space of 35-40 cm.

– SCG Smartwood plank 25 cm. width should be installed on joist with space of 30 cm.

– SCG Smartwood plank 10 cm. width should be installed on joist with space of 25 cm.


SCG Smartboard requires smaller gaps as compared to real wood structure. Unlike real wood, SCG Smartboard cannot be used as the structural wood or on high-level floor due to its lesser flexibility. It is required to be installed on floor that is no more than 50 cm. above ground.


Since SCG Smartboard Floor Plank has longer ratio than SCG Smartboard, they both have different weight tolerance. Smartboard floor’s two-way slab can endure more weight than Smartwood’s one-way slab.

Therefore, on the same weight endurance, SCG Smartwood is likely to get cracked easier, and may cause injury if used as the direct weight tolerant material or installed on an over-height floor.


 We can say that SCG Smartboard floor can be used as a flooring material or flooring foundation while SCG Smartwood is not recommended to be applied as the structural floor that has to directly carry heavy weight.


 Safety is the first priority when making decision between the two. Take into consideration the properties and limitations of each material. Follow engineer’s advice for suitable and durable usage.


Fiber Cement for Floor steel frame

SCG Fiber Cement for Floor Installation 2
Installing SCG Smartwood on a joist (up )Installing SCG Smartwood on concrete floor (down)
SCG Fiber Cement for Floor Installation
Smartboard and Smartwood’s weight tolerance






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