Several Tips for buying and maintaining the juice blender

Tips for buying and maintaining the juice blender


Tips for buying and maintaining the juice blender.  The machine for blending fruits is the kitchen appliance that many people are interested in, especially during summer that there is the opportunity for you to use it more often than other seasons. To quench your thirst and compensate for the post-workout sweat, there will be no better drink than a delicious glass of smoothie. Therefore, many people have the questions about the tips for buying and maintaining the blender. Let’s clear all the doubts.


Several Tips for buying and maintaining the juice blender


The multipurpose blender

This type of the multipurpose blender is suitable for the light general use. It looks similar to the blender for fruits. Therefore, there is some confusion between these two types of the blenders. But it is easily classified. The multi-purpose blender has a numerical intensity knob such as 1 2 3 4 with several blenders for different applications. The price is not very high compared to other types of the blenders. The power is 350-1,250 watts. This blender is good enough to blend fresh juices for healthy people who don’t like to drink cold smoothies. But it is not suitable for adding ice or blending frozen fruits. This will damage the blender blade and burn the motor.


Lot of Tips for buying and maintaining the juice blender


The juice blender

It is the juice blender that is designed to blend fruits thoroughly. The blended raw materials will come out smoother and more homogenous than a multi-purpose blender. There is a knob to adjust the spinning speed finely. The blender blade can blend ice and frozen fruits into smoothies. Two important points that differ from the multi-purpose blender are: Most of the blenders will have a single blender jar. No other blender jars are given and the power of the blender will be higher than the power of the multipurpose blender. The standard for a good blender will have a power of 1,400 watts or more, the speed of which will be 20,000 cycles or more, Because of this reason, this type of the juice blender is alternately called “High Power Blender”


Several Tips for choosing and maintaining the juice blender

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The food grinder

The food grinder looks very different from the two above. The blender jar is larger and the blades are longer than the other blenders. The food grinder is suitable for grinding meat and grinding food with high viscosity including making a lot of curry paste. The food grinders are not suitable for making drinks like shakes and smoothies at all. Even though the motor power is high enough to be able to blend, with different blades, the juices are not as fine as those specially designed for blending. It also allows the juice to spread throughout the blender jar and spill out onto the outside. Because the lid of the food grinder is not designed to have a rubber ball to prevent the liquid splashing at all.


Several Tips for buying and maintaining the blender

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Is wattage the most important to the juice blender?

The wattage is quite important to the rotation quality of the blender blades because the wattage for the juice blender also means the power of the motor of the juice blender. The higher the wattage, the greater the power of the motor. But using the high-wattage blender doesn’t mean that it will perform better than the lower wattage blender. However, the speed of rotation and the blade technology are equally important as well. If the rotation speed is high, the blade is suitable. This makes the smoothies better with more refinement.


Many Tips for buying and maintaining the juice blender

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5 Tips for buying the juice blender

Before buying the juice blender to use, there are some important points that you should know before buying. Today, there are 5 great tips for buying the juice blender.


  1. Material of the blender jar

The material of the blender jar is a part of the selection. You should choose the products that you feel comfortable to use. Currently the material of the blender jar is not only made of the glass and the normal plastic. There is also a material called Tritan to be used as well. The Tritan material is durable. Whether being thrown or dropped, the Tritan material will never break which is different from other types of the plastic.

  1. The Capacity of the blender jar

The capacity of the blender jar to be used for one blender is also considered important. If you have to blend many times in order to get the enough quantity of drinks for a number of people in the family. It will waste quite a bit of time. For example, if blending 1 glass of fruit juice for 1 person, it is usually about 200 ml. But if there are 5 people in one family, you should choose the blender with the capacity of the blender jar about 800-1000 ml so that everyone in the family can be served in one blender.

  1. The selection of the wattage

There are a variety of spinning powers to choose from for the blender. In general, the juice blender will have a wattage of about 100 watts to 2,000 watts. The machines with the high wattage from 300 watts or more will be able to spin fruits and vegetables very thoroughly and blended with ice to make some smoothies. However, the noise will be louder as well. For those people who like to drink fruit smoothies with some small pieces of fruits left in the smoothies, the juice blender with the smaller wattage should be used.

  1. The selection of the blade shape.

There are two types of the blade shapes in the blenders: the flat blades and the wavy or serrated blades. The flat blade is ideal for grinding vegetables or blending minced meat. While the wavy or serrated blades can be used to grind solids such as ice, shrimp and crab shells including various types of nuts due to their high crushing and blending power. It is suitable for blending fruits and vegetables and can be used to make the smoothies as well.

  1. Select the blender that is easy to clean

Selecting the juice blender that can be easily maintained and cleaned is a good thing. For example, if you choose a model whose structure is not too complicated. If there are any pieces of fruits stuck inside the blender. The blades and the parts of the blender can be easily removed, consequently making the cleaning of the blender easier. You don’t have to be afraid of accidentally getting cut by the blade of the blender while washing the blender jar and if the juice blender is made of glass which is scratch free or the blender jar is  dishwasher-safe. The maintenance of the juice blender will be much easier and more convenient.


Several Tips for purchasing and maintaining the juice blender


Care and Cleaning of the juice blender

When buying the juice blender to use. Cleaning is also important. You should always get the juice blender cleaned after use. Do not leave any stains or debris inside the blender jar. Because it will cause the stubborn stains which are difficult to remove which will affect your health later.

If there are a lot of residues in the blender jar which are difficult to remove and clean. Then you can pour water into the juice blender to cover the blade part first. Then you can put a little dishwashing liquid into the blender jar. and turn the machine on for about 30 minutes and turn the power switch off and get the blender jar washed with the clean water for a few times. That is good enough.

If there are not many residues in the juice blender, you can have the juice blender cleaned as usual by using a sponge dampened with dishwashing detergent. That is sufficient. But if the juice blender still has a residual smell, you can use the salt water to wash the juice blender for one more round. It will help clean the smell and deodorize it.


For the stand of the juice blender, if it’s dirty and has some stains, or is messy, you can use a cloth soaked in vinegar and get it mixed with a little water then wipe and clean. It will remove the stains.

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