Tips for using and taking care of your microwave

Tips for using and taking care of your microwave


During Quarantine, there are many people practicing their ability to cook for the family meals, instead of going out to eat and the electric heating equipment for cooking, which is considered to be a versatile and convenient kitchen appliance and almost every home has it in their kitchens, is a Microwave oven itself.  We have Tips for using and taking care of your microwave in this article. 

But when you look at the operation and the function of the microwave oven, you will find that it can heat food without the need for heat energy from a flame. But it can cook food wonderfully and surprisingly. The scientists have applied physics principles to the mechanism of the microwave operation with the details as follow:

Inside the microwave oven, it consists of a steel coil which will be used to convert the electrical energy into the electromagnetic energy with the frequency greater than 2450 MHz or 2450 million cycles per second.

But the working principle of this microwave oven will be different from the conventional heating ovens that use a steel coil to convert the electricity directly into the heat energy and then the conventional heating ovens will use the fan to blow the heat throughout the oven to cook foods.


Ideas for using and taking care of your microwave


Therefore, there are some differences between the two types of the oven-cooked dishes. There are some advantages and some disadvantages for each type, namely, the food from the microwave oven will be cooked faster and cooked from the inside because the electromagnetic waves can penetrate deeper into the meat of the food.

But while the food from the conventional electric oven will be cooked from the outside to the inside because the heat wave is gradually introduced through the medium of the heat transfer first, as a result, the food is scorched on the surface of the food. It smells good and tastes delicious.

Nowadays, there is a technology that has developed the ovens in order to combine these two systems to reduce the disadvantages of each type of the ovens and bring out the advantages of both ovens which will cook the food faster and still can maintain the nutritional value of the food. But the food still smells good and feels good.


Guides for purchasing and taking care of your microwave


The advantages and the disadvantages of the microwave oven

The advantages

-Easy to use and hassle-free

– Choose a container for easy food warming.

– Fast and convenient cooking time which is suitable for hustle and bustle.

– There are many functions, convenient to choose, easy to use.

– When using, no worry about the heat that will affect the surrounding things.


The disadvantages

– The microwave oven will absorb quite a large amount of water in food. It means that some food will look shriveled.

– The food that comes out of the microwave will be dry. The taste may be slightly different from the original such as bread will become harder.

– Insufficient heat for cooking that requires some high heat


Ways for buying and taking care of your microwave

Tips for using and taking care of your microwave

  • Place the microwave oven at the chest level of the user with the lowest height.
  • The microwave oven should not be placed over the cooking stove. Because above the cooking stove there is heat, fat and steam from cooking. These vapors will be caught in the microwave oven. Consequently it will make the microwave oven always have high temperature.
  • Food containers that are used with the microwave oven must be suitable whether they are glass, tile or plastic, they must be fire-proof or heat resistant. Do not put any kind of paper into the microwave oven. Avoid using the containers with the silver rims, the gold rims. The stainless steel containers or the light steel material such as spoons and knives should not be used with the microwave oven. The containers with the tight lids such as bottles should not be used in the microwave oven as well.
  • When the microwave is working, it may cause food stains to splash onto the cabinet of the microwave oven or onto the wall of the microwave oven. The heat-resistant plastic food cover can be used to cover the food in the microwave oven.
  • Foods with hard shells or Foods with skin envelops. We should use a sharp object to make a hole first in order to prevent the heat expansion that could cause the foods to explode.
  • Do not allow the food wastes to remain in the microwave oven for a long time. Because the salinity will cause a reaction with the iron steel until the steel rusts and make the wall of the microwave oven have the holes when cleaning, do not use the sharp objects to scrape or scratch the cabinet wall of the microwave oven to make it become scratched.
  • No heavy objects should be placed on the microwave oven and the microwave oven should be installed at least 5 cm from the wall and the microwave oven should be placed far away from the TV and the radio as much as possible.
  • Do not try to use water or a fire extinguisher to extinguish or put out a flame that occurs in the microwave oven. You should close the microwave door and have the power plug unplugged. Let the fire put out by itself then open the microwave oven door.
  • Defrosting the frozen foods in the microwave oven while using the defrosting program, the food should be flipped or inverted from time to time in order not to have a bad point in the solubility.
  • The microwave oven should not be turned on while the microwave oven door is open. or when there is nothing inside the microwave oven.
  • The microwave ovens should not be stored outside the buildings or outdoors and should not be used near wet areas.


Procedures of using and taking care of your microwave


WALTON WMWO-G20MXC (Microwave Oven)


However, For the use of the microwave oven, there must be some caution, namely, the container that will be used for food packaging and to be heated or cooked in the microwave oven must be the microwave-resistant container, such as the heat-resistant glassware, the pottery or the earthenware , the wax coated paper and the ceramic.  Each material has the different duration of the usage time of the microwave.


Tips for buying and taking care of your microwave

WALTON WMWO-G25G3 (Microwave Oven)


The material that should not be used with the microwave oven is the metal containers or other containers with the metal components, the melamine plastic food packaging, the plastic bags the food wrap foil, the glazed tile containers, the foam boxes, the paper boxes, the stainless steel containers or the whole eggs, etc.




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