Decorative your home by using fiber cement board - SCG Smartboard

Various Functions, Several Ideas: Decorate your home with SCG Smartboards and SCG Cement boards.

A variety of functions for SCG smartboard and SCG Cement board application helps decorate your home’s interior/exterior ceiling, wall, and floor work outstanding, including innovative ideas which create gimmicks that reflect unique creativities of the users.


Both SCG smartboard and SCG Cement board are materials that are able to meet suitable purposes, both in structure and decoration work, because they are strong and flexible materials. Their well-known outstanding qualities are termite and moisture resistance; therefore it can be used for both interior and exterior ceiling, walls, and floors.


SCG Smartboard is a fiber cement board with the main components of cement and cellulose fibers from trees combined with Silica sand. There are smooth surface, imitation wood pattern surface, and grooving surface. The popular application of this board is surface covering with other decorative materials such as painting, tiling, and skim coat plastering. While SCG cement board is woodchip cement with smooth surface, colorful, and has loft cement pattern which is suitable for work that needs to show the surface and decorate in loft style. Both types of board can be used to mix and match to get the desired style or pattern and also can be applied to create gimmicks and uniqueness in home decoration that reflect creative and innovative ideas as in the following examples:


Decorate your ceiling with SCG smartboards, even though the ceiling is just one component of the house but if values the importance and selects meticulously, it will help enhance the perspective and signature to your home.


Decorative your ceiling by using fiber cement board - SCG Smartboard
Give details to your modern and white airy living room with a combination of SCG smartboards, smooth edge and grooving surface series, perfectly arranged in an alternate pattern design.


Resort Style Ceiling - SCG Smartboard - SCG Smartwood
Decorate the ceiling to create a relaxing atmosphere of the resort style with SCG smartboard ceilings, smooth edge and timber pattern series, that come with natural patterns and feelings which are compatible with the room ambience.


How to decorate your ceiling by using SCG fiber cement board
Decorate exterior ceilings with SCG smartboard ceilings, grooving surface and smooth edge series, to create layers of false ceiling and paint with ivory color to give a warm and gentle feeling.


how to install ventilated ceiling - scg smartboard
Modernize your eaves with SCG smartboard ceilings, smooth edge and ventilated series, mix and match which gives its unique signature and helps decently cool off the roof of your home.


Various types and functions of SCG smartboard have qualities of being strong, lightweight and easy to be installed which are able to be cut, carved, painted, or modified to create patterns that are innovative and interesting to the wall of your home, endlessly.


SCG wall panel by SCG smartboard using for wall partition
Use SCG Smartboard walls as barrier to divide the room area into partitions.


Decorate your wall by using SCG Fiber Cement Board
Add features to the walls with SCG Smartboard, cut into shapes and sizes as desired and install to make a wave pattern and create dimensions to the wall.


SCG Fiber Cement Board for wall application
Install SCG Smartboards on the wall as shelf.


Decorative external wall by using SCG Fiber Cement Board
Add lines and dimensions to the exterior walls with SCG Smartboard walls, grooving pattern series, painted with light brown color to match with the color of the roof, frame, and balcony.


Charm your floor and wall with a typical loft-style with SCG Cement board. SCG Cement board is a material that picks up the rawness and the cement physique and combines with distinctive benefits of the wood. With these qualities, it makes the cement board suitable for floor and wall work that needs to show decorations in loft style or replace with loft cement work.


Decorate living room to be loft style by using SCG cement board
Living room decorated in a simple loft style. Focus on showing the charm of material from the application of SCG Cement board as walls which give perfect touch of rawness.


Decorate bedroom to be loft style by using SCG cement board
Decorate the headboard wall with SCG Cement board that fits well with the polished plaster wall in the loft style and the white, gray, and black tone of the bedroom.


Decorate your home - restaurant to be loft style by using SCG cement board
Design every part of the house or restaurant with SCG Cement board that can be used for both floor and wall for prettiness, exquisite, and coolness. It helps drive furniture and decorations stand out more.


Decorate your wall and floor to be loft style by using SCG cement board
Coffee corner that uses SCG Cement board for both floor and wall which gives the raw feeling of coolness in loft cement style decorated with exotic lamps and chairs which makes it the highlight of the room that fits well with the loft style.





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