Fiber Cement Board VS Gypsum Board

The Frequently asked questions, “How are these two materials different?” and “How to choose for the suitable purpose?” are often asked by customers. The application of both materials is similar which is used for Drywall and Ceiling System.


SCG Fiber Cement Board - SCG Fiber Board - SCG Fiber Cement Sheet
Fiber Cement Board

The similar features for both boards are good insulation, fire resistant, non-causing, and toxic substances but the clear differences are that gypsum board is more suitable for interior work as for the reason that the gypsum board is produced from compact gypsum mineral powder which is very fragile, therefore plaster board liner has been used as covering board on both sides to increase strength and durability. If exposed to weathers, the liner on both sides will not be able to last long result from a friable gypsum powder core.


SCG Fiber Cement Board for ceiling application
SCG Smartboard ceiling has the advantage of toughness, water, and termite resistance. There are many surfaces and designs to choose from and it is suitable for exterior work. If for interior work, it must be designed with a mix & match pattern due to the limitations on the edge joints between the boards.


While fiber cement board is made from materials developed from a mixture of Portland cement to cellulose fibers which has advantage of non-causing toxic substances, flexibility, and tougher quality, it can withstand weathers from strong sun to heavy rain. It can be used for exterior work. In addition, the fiber cement board with a thickness of more than 16 mm can also be used for floor as well while the gypsum board cannot even if it has the same or greater thickness.


Another feature of fiber cement board is the ability to overlay textiles on top by using adhesive plaster glue and also the ability to apply another layer of plastering cement as well. The surface of the fiber cement board has two sides, the smooth side and the rough side, which has different function. For example, in general, the smooth side is used for display surface while the rough side is recommended for overlaying textiles to help tiling adhere better.


SCG Gypsum Board - SCG Gypsum sheet
Gypsum Board

After reading to this point, many of you might think that gypsum board has an inferior quality to fiber cement board but do not jump to conclusions because actually not only gypsum boards has lower price and lighter weight but also has smoother surface and it gives a nice and smooth touch on the edge joints between the boards.

The Advantage of SCG Gypsum Board
The gypsum ceiling board has the advantages of smooth surface, lightweight, and easy to use but it is not suitable for exterior work.


Therefore, it is suitable for interior wall and ceiling application that needs neatness as well as making the cutting, repairing, and installing work much easier and faster. In addition, presently, the manufacturer of gypsum board has developed more features such as heat reflection for the ceiling under the roof, moisture resistance for the ceiling in the bathroom, fire resistance walls, sound absorption for wall and ceiling works in the rooms that required sound collection, and etc.


Many readers may notice the differences and distinctive features of both types of the board and might be able to decide the usage to suit the area used as well as meet individual’s requirements. 

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