How to SCG wood plank as old wood style

SCG Smartwood plank as old wood style

Tips to make SCG Smartwood plank (Wood Substitute) as old wood style.


How to SCG wood substitute as old wood style


If the home owners want to make the surface of SCG Smartwood flooring’s color and pattern to look similar to an old wood pattern, use special techniques painting on both surface of the wooden plank lid and wooden floor by following to the steps below:


  1. Install the wooden floor by fixing the screw and decorate the work, after that cover the screw head by using SCG Acrylic paint sealant.
  2. Paint prime coat on the cover of screw head then clean the work before painting.
  3. Painting by using soft brush. Wiping the color by using wet scrub sponge
  4. Painting and wiping it one by one. Do it again 1-2 layers until achieve required intensity
  5. Get the floor plank color like old wood.

Let’s see how to paint SCG Smartwood plank look like old wood…



SCG Wood Substitute Paint
SCG Acrylic Paint For Fiber Cement


SCG wood substitute - old wood style


SCG wood substitute - old wood style 2


SCG wood substitute - old wood style 3





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