Can we use SCG fiber cement board as bathroom floor and wall

Q&A Can we use SCG Smartboard as bathroom floor and wall?

Yes, you can use SCG Fiber Cement Board or we called SCG Smartboard as bathroom floor and wall but you must use them correctly. First of all, you should understand that although the product can be used for exterior part of building and can withstand sunlight, rain and dampness, it is not suitable for area which is soaked or wet all the time.


How to install shower frame on SCG Fiber Cement Board


Therefore, SCG Fiber Cement Board (SCG Smartboard) should be used for only “dry area” in bathroom and not in wet area. This is because, generally, installation materials and process frequently allow water to leak underneath surface material (mainly tile) to cling over the SCG Fiber Cement Board (SCG Smartboard). Moreover, floor and wall installed by Smartboard should not be spray washed. Instead, it should be wiped clean.


However, if it is necessary to use SCG Fiber Cement Board (SCG Smartboard) for wet area in bathroom, shower enclosure should be installed to minimize a chance water clings underneath surface material or wall surface. Alternatively, special installation technique such as SCG HEIM bathroom installation technique should be considered.

How to install tile and SCG fiber cement board


To install SCG Fiber Cement Board (SCG Smartboard), it must be mounted to frame; wall board will be mounted to metal or galvanized section while flooring board will be installed on metal joist which can be done in 2 ways as joining floor joist to beam and putting the joist on existing floor.


After installing the floor and wall, seal sheet must be spread on the floor to cover joint between floor and wall. The sheet must cover wall fringe at 15 cm. from the floor. After that surface materials such as tile or synthetic wood should be laid.

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