Reducing afternoon heat for HUBBA glass house

Reducing afternoon heat for HUBBA glass house with wooden lath and SCG fiber glass insulation

“Good design by using SCG Insulation to reduce afternoon heat for HUBBA glasshouse while maintaining natural daylight atmosphere.” 


Natural daylight is revitalizing since the light shining through our homes can link us to nature outside. However, sunlight brings about heat which disturbs us or makes us uncomfortable while doing activities or living in the building. Like the building, HUBBA Glasshouse, a meeting room for 25-50 people was exposed to too much sunlight so SCG had a chance to improve its condition.


HUBBA desired to retain the meeting room in modern and natural glasshouse style, so SCG designed half of area beneath the roof on west side to be ceiling board with insulation and wooden lath to allow some light in. SCG selected whited-colored gypsum board as ceiling with LED strip light hidden and installed on box beam. For heat insulation, SCG chose STAY COOL SCG heat insulation made of fiber glass designed to install above ceiling to prevent heat from attic to enter into building. For wooden lath, it is made of oak-colored SCG wood strip, already-painted fiber cement board which looks natural to form interesting pattern to filter light shining through west roof while sparing east roof to allow natural light in. HUBBA additionally installed sun curtain which can be opened and closed on demand to reduce sunlight and heat in the morning and day time.


* To get fullest efficiency of heat insulation, it is recommended to install it above all area of ceiling to prevent heat from roof from entering. In this case, we got requirement from HUBBA to retain glasshouse style, we then decided to install insulation for half of the roof on the west while on the east, HUBBA installed movable sun curtain to reduce sunlight and heat in the morning and day time.


Reducing afternoon heat by fiber glass insulation and wood substitute
Insulated ceiling board and lath to reduce heat transferred from western roof.


SCG Insulation heat block for your house
View from bottom.


SCG Gypsum Ceiling on structure frame
Ceiling material; white-colored moisture-proof gypsum board installed on steel frame.


SCG Decorative wood substitute - SCG Smartwood - Ceiling Decorative - Natural Look
Lath is made of oak-colored SCG strips installed from ceiling to the roof of the glasshouse to reduce heat and add natural touch to the building.


Co-working space design - natural look
Movable sun curtain was installed on eastern roof and glass panes to reduce natural light and heat from outside.






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