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Feeling Relieved this winter when you have the water heater at home

The winter in Bangladesh starts in November and lasts up to February. Have you got the water heater to feel relieved at home? Our ZMARTBUILD has the good article about the water heater for you to read to relieve the cold.


Keeping your house warm and save money this winter. You will have a good night sleep and feel relieved, if you use the water heater when taking a cold shower during the winter time. The followings are the tips how to select the good water heater for your winter.


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The water heater is considered to be one of the items which you should have it at home, especially during the winter time or during the rainy season which can unbelievably be your obstacles to take a bath or take a shower each day. The installation of the water heater will help your taking a bath during the winter time easier. Furthermore, the water heater will relax and relieve your tension and your stress after work. You will incredibly become fresh and lively after taking a bath with the water heater.

If you are looking for the good quality of the water heater for your bathroom, however, you are not sure whether the water heater can solve your problem in terms of the usage function and the suitability of the space used in the bathroom. Let’s take a look at this article about the information and the tips how to select the water heater which ZMARTBUILD has gathered for you.


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Do you know what the water heater is? What is the water heater?

Water heating is a heat transfer process that uses an energy source to heat water above its initial temperature. Typical domestic uses of hot water include cooking, cleaning, bathing, and space heating. In industry, hot water and water heated to steam have many uses.


Take a look at the types of the water heaters

  1. Storage tank water heaters

    The principle of the function is that the heating coil will be installed in the storage tank. The size of the tank can vary from 10 liter tank onward which can store the hot water for several hours. When you turn on the switch of the water heater, the heating coil will start functioning and heating all the time. When the water reaches the setup heating level, the water heater will be automatically turned off. When the water cools down again and the cold water flowing in, the heating coil will automatically function again.

    The storage tank water heater features a tank that holds water to be heated. This means that the capacity of the tank determines how much hot water you have available at once. The tank is insulated so that when the water heats up, it remains warm until it is needed.


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Ariston 50L Auto Electric Water Heater – Pro 1R 50 Horizontal

  1. Tankless water heaters

    A tankless water heater has no tank. Instead, there are super-heated coils that fill with water and heat water in a flash as you need it, which is why it is alternatively known as an on-demand water heater.

    This is great for heating water quickly, even for large families who need a large amount of hot water at once.

    This style of water heater comes in different sizes, and you do need to ensure that you have the right size for your household, as a smaller tankless water heater will not be able to keep up with your water usage otherwise and it will result in lukewarm or cold water.

    These models work well in homes that use natural gas to power their water heater, but larger models require a larger gas line and more gas to run correctly.

    Larger tankless hot water heaters that run on electricity may require you to increase the electricity capacity of your home, which could be costly

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Tips to make you feel relieved when selecting the water heater.


Your usage requirement

For the large families with several people living in the same house with several rooms, you may require to use the water heaters in every room. You can select the bigger size of the water heaters like Ariston 10L Auto Electric Water Heater (Andris 10 RS) and above. Our ZMARTBUILD can certainly help you solve your problem and you will feel relieved to use the water heater at home and to make it worth your money by offering you the various types of the water heaters with different water capacity.


The selection of the proper heating tank

The major factors of selecting the water heater which cannot be overlooked are the selection of the heating tank.  There are two types of the heating tank.

The heating tank with the copper coil is the heating tank which is the significant characteristics of heat resistance. The service life is longer.  However, it is possible to have the dregs or the scale in the heating tank if there is no good system of the filteration. 

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Ariston 10L Auto Electric Water Heater – Andris 10 RS


The plastic made heating tank is the heating tank which can supply the hot water quickly and this type of heating tank is energy saving and cheap. The material used for the heating tank is the plastic which is the same material used for the radiator in the car which can resist the heat up to 260 degree celsius. But if the heating water is made from the low quality of the plastic, the water heater will not adequately efficient in heating the water since the heating tank can possibly and easily be leaking.


The energy saving

Since the water heater will consume a lot of energy, therefore , it is necessary to select the good quality of the water heater with the innovation of energy saving which will help you easily make a decision to buy the water heater for using at home.

Furthermore, some types of the water heaters will have the good combination of the various types of new and modern technology which can help you save the energy for instance, the design of the rain shower with the water saving, the design of the heating tank of the water heater.

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The Safety of the Function

The water heater is considered to be one of the electrical appliance which can cause harm to your life unexpectedly if there is no good standard ground wire installed. Since the water heater is the electrical appliance which transforms the cold water to be the hot water by using electricity. An electric current is conducted by a flow of electrical charges such as electrons or ions. Pure water contains very few ions and so it is a poor electricity conductor.That is why you MUST NOT touch electrical outlets or switches with wet hands.

The installation of the ground wire should be done properly before using. You should select the water heater with the good safety system. Some models of the water heater can prevent the water from entering into the water heater. The heating system will be automatically cut immediately when the water pressure is not enough for using. This will help prevent you from the too hot water when using. If there is any electricity leakage, the heating system will be automatically cut and turned off. All of these factors will bring about the safety for you when using. You will be more confident when using the water heater.


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After Sales Service

In order to have the good selection of the water heater, not only considering the function and the efficiency of the water heater, but also considering the after sales service as well. Quality assurance and Safety Guarantee should be done according to the International standard together with the warranty of the internal system of product for example,

The water heater should have the product warranty of 3 years at least for the heating tank or the product warranty of 1 year at least for the heating system or the electronic heating systems so that you can be confident and can be ensured that the water heater is efficiently durable and has a long service life. You do not have to waste your time to fix the water heater often. You should select the water heater with the accreditation and the certification of the good standard so that we can send the water heater for maintenance easily at the after sales service center at your convenience if there are any problems after use.


“Taking all of these tips of the selection of the water heater into consideration, you can get the good quality of the water heater to feel relieved at home and it is worth your money.”


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