29 tips which can’t be missed for a clean bathroom

Tips for a clean bathroom

Small rooms with full details, like a bathroom, each area and each tool needs a different way of maintenance.  Until sometimes it makes us neglect or ignore some small points.  We have 29 tips which can’t be missed for a clean bathroom.


ZMARTBUILD has gathered all the maintenance tips techniques of the bathroom in order to make the bathrooms new all the times and to turn the boring work into fun. The stains can be removed easily and can  complete all the areas.  We will show you 29 tips which can’t be missed for a clean bathroom.


Bathroom floor

  1. Always use a cloth to wipe the bathroom floor damp or dry after use. Or open the bathroom door and the window for 2-3 hours a day to dry the floor in order to reduce the smell and prevent the accumulation of the bacteria.
  2. If the grout is getting black, you can put one part of water and two parts of vinegar into a spray bottle and spray the mixed solution on the black grouting and leave it for 15 minutes. Use a damp sponge to wipe again.  This is the few of 29 tips which can’t be missed for a clean bathroom. 


ways which could not be missed for a clean bathroom


3. Limestone stains on the tiles can be removed by using a trowel or a flat screwdriver. You can gently scrape all the lime residue. Then wipe the floor with the vinegar or the floor cleaner. If the limestone still gets stuck, you can try to use a sterile chlorine powder to dissolve the water at the diluted ratio of 1 to 5 and leave it for 10 minutes, rinse and try to scrape the limestone again.

4. The bathroom, both the floor and the wall, should be cleaned regularly at least once a week. A suitable solution should be used for cleaning the bathroom. The solution should not damage the surface of the tile or the grout.

29 methods that's cant be missed for clean bathroom


Bathroom walls

5. After using the bathroom every time, you should spray water in order to clean the wall before the soap stain dries and becomes a stubborn stain which cannot be cleaned.

6. But if it is a stubborn stain or it is difficult to clean, you can use one part of vinegar to be mixed with 4 parts of water and use a damp cloth to wipe off the soap stain then wash it again with clean water and use a dry cloth to wipe again.

7. If there are some white and black spots on the grout, you can use a whitening formula toothpaste and an old toothbrush to scrub it out.

29 models that cant be missed for clean bathroom



8. Stains from soap, shampoo, shaving foam, toothpaste from brushing: Although these products are easy to dissolve in water, they are difficult to be cleaned. If it gets dirty and becomes dry, you should quickly wipe it with cloth before it dries up. If it is so dirty that it cannot be wiped off with normal water, you can use a glass cleaner and use newspapers to scrub the mirror for cleaning.

9. If the glass is tarnished by water spray and grease, you can use soapy water mixed with vinegar and moisten a soft cloth and squeeze it to dry, gently rub, or use alcohol to be mixed with water or a glass cleaner to wipe off the stain on the mirror.

10. Glass doors or PVC shower doors often get black stains from soap stains. You can fix it by wiping it with a glass cleaner. And wipe off the water stains with a sponge after every shower.

tips for clean bathroom


Bathroom furniture and storage racks

11. Lockers where are often damp are the favorite places for various insects. Always open it out and wipe it with a damp cloth in every corner and keep it clean and dry. At least once a week.

12. Wipe and clean the bottle at least once a week. Do not let the bottle to become the source of food of the insects as well as the habitat of insects, especially the soap holder which must always be cleaned and scrubbed and the soap residue should be washed to prevent the accumulation of the bacteria.

13. A cloth rack that hangs towels should be cleaned and wiped and the rack should be used only for hanging the clothes which have already been washed and waiting to be used. Do not leave clothes on the towel rack in the bathroom.

29 ways didt missed to clean toilet


Toilet bowls and urinals

14. Just spray water on the surrounding areas on a daily basis in order to wash away any urine stains that may be splashed around, residue, dust, debris that may have fallen off. You can use cloth to wipe it dry or let it dry by itself.

15. If the urine stains has been tightly stuck on the toilet bowl, you can press the flushing button a few times. After that you can use a concentrated white laundry detergent and pour it into the toilet bowls and get it brushed, and leave it for 30 minutes and rinse with water again. The stains will be disappeared. But if the urine stain is solid limestone. One or two glasses of vinegar can be used and poured on the urine stain instead.

16. The good smell is a part of the clean bathroom. You can prevent and deodorize the bad smell of the urinals easily by using the homemade deodorant spray. To make this spray, you can easily mix one teaspoon of alcohol, 30-40 drops of fresh essential oils, and a little water together and pour it into a spray bottle. You can also flush the toilet every time after use. It will help keep the smell clean.

way to clean toilet

Wash basins

17. Take clean cloth to be moistened with a little vinegar and rub it over the surface of the basin. Then rinse with warm soapy water then rinse again with clean water.

18. In order to have the safe cleaning for the wash basin which will not have the wash basin faded or corroded. Half a small cup of borax powder can be used to mix with the juice of half a lemon then stir it well. And bring a sponge to be moistened with the mixture. You can apply the mixture on all over the basin and get it scrubbed. The sink will be completely clean.

29 method to clean bathroom

Bath Tubs

19. After showering, just make sure to wipe off the soap stains immediately and get it cleaned every time. If there are any black stains, you can use mild soap and scrubbing sponge to clean it, then rinse thoroughly, wipe it dry, do not let water flood in the tub. Because soap stains will be tightly accumulated quickly.

20. Take good care of the drainage in order to avoid clogging. Especially pieces of hair or hairs which are accumulated and blocked in the drainage hole or in the pop-up. You have to regularly remove dirt.


21. Keep maintaining the coating surface of the faucet. The faucet should be cleaned frequently and regularly by using a sponge and liquid soap or the solution which has the same properties of the glass cleaner. You can thoroughly clean the faucet and rinse with clean water, then wipe the faucet thoroughly by using soft, delicate cloth that is not too dry.

22. A chrome surface treatment solution should be used for the basin. You should clean the faucet at least once a month in order to keep the surface shiny.

23. The dull stains on the faucets often come from the grease stains. The easy cleaning method is that you just wipe the faucets with vinegar with weak acid in order to degrease the fat and the soap stains on the faucets. By doing so, the faucet will be clean and shiny as new. You can also gradually scrub the faucets with half a lemon as well, it will smell more fresh as well.

29 method to clean bathroom


24. Clean the shower head by mixing 1 liter of vinegar with warm water in a ratio of 1 liter to 2 tablespoons of vinegar and have the shower head soaked in a plastic bag and get the bag fastened for one night, then rinse with clean water and dry the shower head with a clean cloth.

25. For the metal showers with scratches, the clear nail polish can be used to keep the scratched metal showers new and shiny again.


Spray hoses  or hand-held bidets


26. The spray hose or the hand-held bidet is the focal point of germs and bacteria which is considered to be the dirtiest. You can use the toilet scrubber like Scotch-Brite to scrub the hole of the spray hose or the hand-held bidet, then turn on the water tap to run water in order to remove the limestone.

27. Have a simple cleaning before use every time. You should spray a small amount of water from the shower hose first and then wipe the hose dry with tissue paper and spray water again before normal use.


Curtains or Blinds


28. Plastic curtains or blinds should be washed with mild soapy water or washed with detergent mixed with warm water, then rinse with warm water and then have the plastic curtains or the plastic blinds desiccated by airing which is better than drying in the sun. Because it will not make the curtains fade away.

29. If your curtains are moldy then you can mix baking soda with lemon juice as needed together and apply to the moldy area, then soak the curtains in salt water for an hour and then wash them with water. You will get the new and clean curtains.



Only the beautiful design of the bathroom in the house is not enough. The bathroom must be clean and hygienic too. Therefore, if you have time constraints for cleaning, 29 tips which can’t be missed for a clean bathroom that you can try applying these techniques to suit your lifestyle.