How to choose an air conditioner which is suitable for your room

How to choose an air conditioner which gets your money's worth and is suitable for your room.

In Bangladesh we have a long summer which starts after March onwards, just a fan alone would not be able to cool you down. An air conditioner has become an essential electrical appliance that almost every home cannot live without. Especially during the hot summer months, Our ZMARTBUILD has important information on how to buy an air conditioner and also how to choose an air conditioner which gets your money’s worth and is suitable for our room so that you can choose to buy the right air conditioner that meets your requirement and is worthwhile.


How to pick an air conditioner which is suitable for your room


  1.  Select the type of air conditioners to suit the place and the use.

For the air conditioners,  there are many styles and many models for you to choose. Each model has different features.  If the right air conditioner is not chosen according to the use and the function of the air conditioner. It may adversely affect the air conditioner and the energy consumption may be high as well.

Mainly, there are four types of an air conditioner

  • A Wall-mounted air conditioner. For this type of air conditioners. We hope that you will have seen this type of air conditioners often which has a variety of functions It has a modern design look and the wall-mounted air conditioner is compact in size. It also helps to save energy. The maintenance of this type of air conditioner is easy. The wall-mounted air conditioner is suitable for the small rooms and for the general houses or condos.


How to select air conditioner to match with your room


  • A built-in air conditioner is an air conditioner that is installed into the ceiling area,
  • If you focus on the beauty of the rooms, this built-in air conditioner should be used.
  • The air conditioner, the sewer and the liquid pipe will be installed inside the ceiling area.
  • You will rarely see the air conditioner unit which will make your room beautiful. This type of the air conditioner will have a relatively higher price than other air conditioners.


How to decide to choose ac for your home


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  • An air conditioner hung under the ceiling is an air conditioner installed under the ceiling which evenly distributes the cooling thoroughly and is durable. This type of the air conditioner is suitable for small to medium sized rooms with a lot of people such as office buildings, offices, shops, etc.


How to buy air conditoner to match with your home


  • A Floor standing air conditioner: This is another type of an air conditioner that has a high cooling capacity and is durable as well as resistant to dust and smoke as well. The nature of this type of the air conditioner is a floor mounted type which is suitable for large and crowded rooms and for the factories. However, this type of the air conditioner will consume more energy than other types of air conditioners.


How to purchase ac


  1. Choose the size of the air conditioner to suit the use of each room.

For the selection of the air conditioner – Another thing that you should keep in mind is the size of the room, because when we know the size of the room clearly, it will be easier for you to choose the size of the air conditioner to suit the use and it will help save the energy.



Ac table
  1. Compressor

Choose the right compressor to meet your needs. The compressors can be divided into 3 types:

3.1 .Reciprocating Compressor works by using a cylinder to compress the liquid which can provide the high power with high vibrations and the sound is quite loud. This Reciprocating Compressor can be used with the large air conditioners.

3.2 Rotary Compressor works with the rotation of the rotor at high speed. There is little vibration and quiet sound. This Rotary Compressor is suitable for small air conditioners.

3.3 A Scroll Compressor works with a volute rotor. There is very little vibration and quiet sound with high energy. A Scroll Compressor is considered to be better than other compressors in the same class.


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3.4 Coil

        A coil is a device for cooling and absorbing heat from the air, consisting of copper tubes and aluminum fins (Fin). Before making a decision to buy, you should consider the materials which are used to make the coil, such as a corrosion resistant coating or the thickness of the fin, etc. If you choose a good quality coil, your air conditioner can be used longer. The service time will last longer.

3.5 Fan Motor

         The fan motor is an essential part of the air conditioner to help ventilate and absorb heat in order to make your air conditioner work and function more efficiently. A good fan motor should use a coil that is resistant to high temperatures so that the motor cycle will not be interrupted and will not be deteriorated easily as well. Therefore, before making a decision to buy the air conditioner, you should inquire about the information of the fan motor thoroughly.

How to select ac for your home

3.6 As mentioned above that there are many types of the air conditioners as well as various technologies such as air purification technology, automatic cooling control technology, etc.

Before you buy the air conditioner you should make a comparison of models, brands, special features and technologies of the air conditioners first to in order to get the best and the best value, but the use and the function must be taken into consideration first.

3.7 Air Purification System

Air purification systems have become indispensable to the sales of the air conditioners nowadays because the air purification system will help circulate the air inside the room more clean This air purification for system can be divided into several systems as follow:

  1. Filtration is the use of air filters to trap dust. You must regularly change the air filter at the end of its service life so that it will not be a source of airborne pathogens. Also, if you want to get rid of the odor, you can choose a carbonized filter in order to absorb various odors.
  2. Electrostatic Precipitator is to trap dust in the air by using Electric Grids and use another set of metal plates arranged in parallel to remove dust. If there is an expiration, the machine must be stopped for cleaning.
  3. The Ionizer is the production of negative ions which will be released together with the cooling air in order to trap dust that is positively charged. All the dust that has been trapped will gather and fall onto the floor which can be cleaned normally without cleaning the inside  of the air conditioner


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3.8 Installation and after-sales service is another important factor that should be taken into consideration. You should choose a reliable company who is knowledgeable and is able to explain the details of the air conditioner to you as well as considering the warranty and after-sales service also because most electrical appliances are expensive and have the expiry date of the service lifetime. Therefore, the warranty and the after-sales service are important which should not be overlooked. You can trust our ZMARTBUILD and visit our website – ZMARTBUILD SHOPPING to see a wide variety of air conditioners. We will surely not disappoint you.