Compare Advantage to Brick wall

Believe it or not Brick wall is not the cheapest method for building construction?

“Wall panel is an alternative of wall system that you don’t know how is it work”


If you are the one who is involved with construction ecosystem such as developer, architect, turnkey, contractor or installer and you get the project assignment to do wall and partition so brick wall is the first choice which you are thinking of because it is lower cost than others. Of course it is truth once you figure out product price only, while brick is the cheapest materials for wall application but it can be wrong if you take another factors to calculate.


There are many factors that everybody in construction ecosystem should concern beside product price for instance construction time period, quality control, environmental issues or global trend, etc. Perhaps the result of total project cost of other wall systems after you pick them include may be lower than brick.


Wall Panel Benefits
Wall Panel Benefits


2 systems; Drywall and Wall panel, will be compared to brick wall then first of all, this column shall start from wall panel. The estimated methodology all figures by VALUE ENGINEERING (VE)




The new Generation of Wall panel
The New Generation of Wall & Partition


Case study of using Wall Panel substitute AAC Block
Case study: Calculated from high rise building


Using Wall Panel substitute AAC Block summary report - USD
Using Wall Panel substitute AAC Block summary report


Brick Wall vs Wall Panel
Compare Advantage to Brick wall


Advantage of Wall Panel
Advantage of Wall Panel


Beam Slab AAC Block vs Wall Panel
Benefits Summary


Do not miss next columns, Drywall system will be compared to brick wall. Let’s find together which one is more valuable for your project!!!!





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