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EUREKA Coffee Tap – Small Coffee Cafe Idea

“In between the alley of the two commercial buildings on Narathiwas Rajanakarin. Eureka Coffee Tap, small coffee cafe idea, has occupied only a few square meters on that location. That place is the comfortable coffee shop where accommodates and relieves the office employee and those people who are rushing”


The space of this alley used to be the temporary vendor stall. Even though the space is too small for the vendors, the space is too big to be left unoccupied and left without usage. Eureka Coffee Tap planned to change and rejuvenate this unoccupied alley to become lively again. 


Coffee Tap cafe

Small space cafe inspiration - Eureka Cafe Bangkok Thailand


We used the main material like transparent glass to make the coffee shop to be well-matched with the context of the city and to be decorated with other materials under the theme of “Street” which is the identity of Eureka Brand in every branch.


Loft Style Coffee Cafe Idea

Street Loft Cafe Decoration idea


The translucent materials of the top and the front of the coffee shop will help let the natural sunlight shining to the coffee shop for the whole day without the feeling of too much heat because there are many tall buildings shading the coffee shop.


Furthermore, Eureka, Chongnonsi branch has the unique identity of using the decorative materials e.g. Cement Counter with the rough surface utmost showing the genuine material of the cement surface, also the surface of the counter top which has been decorated by the marble designed ceramic tile which gives you the feeling of terrazzo. It gives the laid down counter bars more prominent.


Coffee shop decoration idea for small area


Besides these, we also have other materials to reflect the original context of the area e.g. water drops on the wall or the original steel scaffold.  We can say that the overview of the coffee shop looks like “ Street Style” which is plain and cool in harmony.




Loft coffee house in small area


A. Hole stamped Steel Backdrop will help hide the inappropriate view and will give more privacy but you still can see through the backdrop.

B. Cement Backrest with rough surface will give you the raw and natural feeling and make it attractive. Being a permanent backrest will separate the area and give more privacy clearly

C. Terrazzo table will have the disguised feeling of classic surface which can be cleaned easily and durable.


Best coffee shop in Thailand -Eureka


D. The front part of the coffee shop will use the Full Glass for the Door in order to reduce the congestion feeling of the coffee shop. This Glass Door will attract more traffic to the coffee shop.


Small Coffee shop decoration idea


E. The Glass on the ceiling will make the shop spacious and clear but we may have the heat problem which can be solved by using the translucent sheet to protect the heat but allow the natural sunlight to come in.


Idea to build coffee shop for small area


F. Raw Concrete designed Ceramic tile will be laid as a pattern to alternate the colors in order to draw attention and make it interesting. The raw concrete design will be in harmony with the raw concrete counter.



For those people who are looking for the idea to decorate the shop or the house in order to make it become the “Street” Style with the natural and raw and cool look like Eureka Coffee Tap, you can visit SCG Experience for material selection. We have variety of materials from SCG for you to select.


SCG Tiger Cement for build


Cement is the material for variety use and it is commonly used to decorate the area in order to show the surface of grey surface identity. Using Tiger Cement for Laying bricks, Plastering and Filling will provide the strength and durability and Tiger Cement can be used for decoration of a piece of work.


Not only the counters but also the bars in the café or in the restaurant which you can plaster the raw concrete in a wide variety of designs. We can crack the surface and make it rough in order to create the design or you can plaster and make it plain or polish it to create different feelings of surface and designs


Cement for counter top bar


The other element of the counter or the bar is the counter top. We can say that this counter top will show the prominent part of the design including the fact that this counter top will be used for cooking preparation, drink preparation.


Tiger Cement Décor for Terrazzo will be one of the suitable material used to make the counter top or the bar which will provide the beauty, the unique identity and durability and it will be easy to clean for any upcoming activities.


Furthermore we can use Tiger Cement Laying Bricks, Plastering and Filling to be applied for making the Backrest by cracking the surface and make it rough to display the raw concrete and it can be matched with the Terrazzo Table in order to increase the natural and raw feeling of Loft style.


SCG translucent roof sheet in Eureka Coffee shop


And if you want to make your narrow space to become airy and clear, we recommend you to use the translucent sheets- SCG Neulite Model Heat Shield: Dark Gray Blue which is the plain sheet suitable for the area or the house which require modernization.


This material has the characteristics of being translucent but not transparent, which will allow the natural sunlight to come in and at the same time, it can protect UV upto 99%. Therefore you do not have to turn on the light during the day. You can save the energy and the money at the same time.


Remarks: the material used above is the material which is equivalent to the Brand of SCG which is used for presentation of the new idea of the design only. It is not the real material used to design ONEDAY I PAUSE HOTEL.


Next Chapter:  “WONDERING CAFE & BAKESHOP”…Coming Soon!

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Special Thank to : SCG & Eureka

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