Loft Hostel Decoration Idea

ONEDAY – Loft Hostel Idea

“Simple Loft Style Hostel for your pause of vacation to live your life.”


CHAPTER 3 :ONEDAY I Pause Hostel


Hostel Loft Style Idea


 Simple Loft style Cool Hostel for your pause of vacation to live your life.

This is the result of changing the old Godown on the 1500 sqm area with the age for more than 20 years, to be the Simple Loft style Cool Hostel which is full of new inspiration for the traveler and everyone who would like to pause to take rest for a day.


Hostel interior design Idea


Although it is the old Godown, the original structure and the airy space have the potential and are full of charm of old days. ONEDAY l Pause Hostel has created the Hostel on the foundation of “ Play and Fun” with the simple and plain material which is valuable and beautiful inside and make the Loft style Hostel outstanding with the worth of money spent


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Amid the Loft style ambience, We focus on the decoration which shows the essence of the material. Decorating the wall with the red bricks or the steel which is considered the Industrial Loft Style material. It matches with the context of the previous area which is the old Godown which makes the main areas more interesting


Loft Hostel Decoration Idea

Loft Co working space idea


For the ground floor, there are the complete facility areas e.g. Lobby for guest reception with the computer corner for Internet Service, Cinema and the highlight one is the Dining Room made of Glass and Green Floating Garden.


ONEDAY l Pause Hostel would like to give the new experience and have passion to serve and pay more attention on every individual requirement. The designer team has designed and made this Hostel to be more than the normal Hostel.


ONEDAY l Pause Hostel is ready to make your vacation become the cool days in ONEDAY. Sometimes, just one day is not enough.




Loft Hostel Interior design

Hostel Decoration Idea


A. Fulfil the industrial Loft Style ambience with the substitute materials which give the feeling of Iron to decorate the passage of the mezzanine.

B. Use the wooden blind to be fixed vertically and alternated with Hollow blocks to create the interest for the counter areas.


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C. Brick Walls will give the continuity for the overview ambience of the Hostel but the ambience inside the room, white color has been painted on the Brick Walls to make it comfortable and clear with the raw concrete surface maintained.

D. Create the interest for the Brick Walls with the hanging industrial style metal lamps at slightly different heights.


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Loft Style Hostel Idea


E. Increase the warmth feeling for the Hostel and minimize the hard surface of the cement work with the wooden doors and wooden ceilings.

F. Plaster and make the wall rough with the intention in order to create the rough surface to make it contrast with the surrounding plain walls. It will draw attention automatically.


Roof decoration for hotel


G. Thorough Skylight roofing will give the feeling of the glass house and make the areas of the dining room brighter and suitable for hanging the trees to create the fresh ambience. You can use the material like Translucent sheet for making the skylight roofing.




Loft Style Wall Tile


When we talk about the Loft style, many people will always think of the using of the material which has the naked and raw surface. Currently there is another material which is commonly used in the construction.


That material is Brick, the more the bricks are mixed with the raw concrete, the cooler the raw concrete look we have. But for some areas which are not convenient to lay the bricks in rows e.g. the condominium room or the projects with the limited time of construction.


Wall Tiles – SCG Model True Nature, Rust Brick can be your interesting option. It can help change the wall to look good and to become newer. You can prepare the wall which you would like to install by cleaning it and draw the line to make it flat in order to set up the row of laying the tile.


After that you can apply and wipe off the tile fix on the wall and on the back of the tile then paste the tile, knock the tile gently and press it a second then finished.


c channel Wood plank


Furthermore the design of the raw concrete to show the steel structure of the building Is another element which can be found often in decorating the industrial Loft style. But for many areas which are not suitable for using the steel for the real structure or the old structure which cannot accommodate the weight of the steel for decoration.


You may use the decorative fiber cement wood SCG Model C-Channel which has the outstanding appearance, modern and it can be used for decoration instead of eaves, it can be used to covered inside the wall of the column or close the old structure in order to give the feeling of using the feel, but the weight is ligher and it is not rusty and also durable in any kind of climate for both external and internal building.


If you are looking for the new idea to decorate the house and the shop with the material from SCG or to consult about the house problem with the expert architects at SCG Experience, Ekamai – Ramindra Expressway and the new branch on the third floor at Design Village, Boonthavorn, Rajapruk Road.


Remarks: the material used above is the material which is equivalent to the Brand of SCG which is used for presentation of the new idea of the design only. It is not the real material used to design ONEDAY I PAUSE HOTEL.


Next Chapter:  EUREKA COFFEE TAP, Transform the small area of the alley of the commercial building to be the street design for the office employees and those people who rush…Coming Soon!


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Special Thank to : SCG & Haoma

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