Renovate Restaurant and cafe to green concept

Haoma – Restaurant Renovation Idea

“The restaurant – HOAMA- Oasis in the Capital City of Thailand with natural style full circle focusing on the green color of the nature”




Wood Restaurant Idea - Renovate restaurant


HAOMA , Oasis  of Thonglor Road, Full circle of Green.


The mysterious restaurant hides itself in the middle of Thonglor Road, the Premium Oasis for those people who love Healthiness and cannot miss it under the concept of We Grow What We Cook, We Cook What We Love


The restaurant has been wholly renovated under the area which has been divided into three main zone: inside area which you can see the mobility of the chefs while cooking; outside area under the mango tree whose age is more than 40 years which is like the heart center of the restaurant; Lastly, the back area which is in the middle of the vegetable trays.


Inside the restaurant, the relaxing ambience has been created by changing the opaque wall to be the glass wall in order to allow the natural sunlight to come inside the restaurant.


Furthermore, in order for the customer to enjoy eating the food and enjoy seeing the garden where all the raw materials of the food in front of the customer have been grown up in the form of growing the vegetable by hydroponics system, aquaponics system and using organic soils in order to make the vegetable toxic free for cooking.


Go Green Restaurant Decoration Idea


Besides the renovation of the restaurant, the external area of the restaurant has been renovated either in order to be the area for the customers who enjoy and are fond of the outdoor ambience.


The customers can enjoy the shady ambience and atmosphere by installing the translucent sheet above the ceiling in order to prevent the rain and filter the light during the day time together with the ceramic tiles being laid in order to contrast with the natural grass to make them more natural.




Cozy Restaurant - Renovation guide

Natural Restaurant decoration idea


A. Increase privacy together with the gimmick for the restaurant by separating the seating areas with the big wooden frame

B. connect the nature from the outside with the inside of the restaurant by growing the vertical plantation or gardening in order to create the greenery and to reduce the hardness of the raw concrete wall to become gentle look

C. Bring artificial woods to be covered inside of the vegetable trays in order for them to be harmonious with the nature and suitable for external building which will contact with the sunlight.


Ceiling decorate by wood idea

Floor for restaurant idea


D. Cover inside the roof with the translucent sheets in order to increase the outdoor area and also help remain the cool ambience and cool atmosphere by lessening the sunlight but still have adequate light

E. Lessening the harden areas in front of the restaurant by laying the ceramic tile with natural look in the transversal design and having the area inserted with the grass which will help create the interesting pattern and natural look and reduce the sunlight reflection.




Verticle Garden decoration idea in the restaurant or cafe


For the city men, having a green space is considered difficult. With the high cost per square meter. Therefore, the main area of the house will be divided according the functions used inside the house more than the external area like gardens or lawns especially those people who live in the city who always resides in the condominium or in the town home which is more convenient to travel but have limited space for usage.


Verticle Garden Materials - SCG Modular Green - Resize


By increasing the green space, we can focus on the vertical gardening in order to create the natural ambience and make the limited area lively.


SCG Modular Green Hive : DIY model is the alternative for you to be different from the normal horizontal gardening. With the design of water flowing system : Overflow type which can keep the water in each plantation compartment.


The material is light and strong and durable because this SCG Modular Green Hive: DIY model has been made from HDPE (Virgin) with UP Protection and with the good system of locking, it can be installed on any types of wall e.g. Red Bricks, Light Weighted Concrete, Hollow Block and Light weighted Wall.


Inside the set of SCG Module Green Hive: DIY Model, the installation equipment and accessory will be completely included. Self installation by DIY can be done. For those people who are easily bored and like to change all the time or always come up with the more variety of the new ideas, you can grow the trees by using SCG Module Green Hive :DIY Model which can meet your requirement.


You can alternate the position of the trees in order to create the new pattern and new design in order for you to get closer to the nature, you can be relaxing and your life will be filled by the greenery unlimitedly.


Remarks: The material recommended above is the material which is equivalent to the Brand of SCG which has been used to propose the idea or the design only.  It is not the real material which HAOMA uses.


Next Chapter:  ONEDAY I Pause Hostel, Simple Loft style Cool Hostel for your pause of vacation to live your life…Coming Soon!

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The restaurant – HAOMA- Oasis in the Capital City of Thailand with natural style full circle focusing on the green color of the nature

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Special Thank to : SCG & Haoma

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